Chapter 3.73


3.73.010    License required.

3.73.020    Safe ingress and egress--Parking required.

3.73.030    Issuance of license.

3.73.040    Fee.

3.73.050    Duration of license.

3.73.010 License required.

No person or entity shall establish or maintain within the city any temporary business location for the sale of any fruit, vegetables or Christmas trees unless a temporary business location license has been obtained from the city.  (Ord. 3-88(part), 1988).

3.73.020 Safe ingress and egress--Parking required.

No such temporary business location shall be allowed unless adequate parking arrangements and safe ingress and egress can be provided.  (Ord. 3-88(part), 1988).

3.73.030 Issuance of license.

Licenses for such temporary business locations shall be issued by the city finance department after review and approval by the planning, police and building departments for compliance with the Half Moon Bay municipal code.  (Ord. 3-88(part), 1988).

3.73.040 Fee.

The license fee shall be one hundred dollars or such other amount as may be established by city council resolution.  (Ord. C-4-11 §8(A), 2011:  Ord. 3-88(part), 1988).

3.73.050 Duration of license.

Licenses issued pursuant to this chapter shall expire no more than ninety days after issuance and are not renewable thereafter for the same use for a minimum of thirty days.  (Ord. C-4-11 §8(B), 2011:  Ord. 3-88(part), 1988).