Chapter 3.82


3.82.010    Definitions.

3.82.020    Requirement of a valid permit.

3.82.080    Operation of taxicab without a valid permit.

3.82.010 Definitions.

A.    “Driver” shall mean any person in charge of or operating any passenger carrying, motor-propelled vehicle as herein defined, either as owner or employee or under the direction of owners or employees.

B.    “Taxicab” shall mean a motor-propelled vehicle which is used for the transportation of passengers for hire over and along the public streets, not over a defined route, but as to route and destination in accordance with and under the direction of the person hiring such vehicle, and which is operated at rates per mile or upon a waiting time basis or both, and is equipped with a taximeter.

C.    “Taximeter” shall mean a mechanical device attached to a vehicle for hire, by means of which the device authorizes charge for hire of such vehicle and is mechanically calculated on the basis of distance traveled, or for waiting time, or a combination of both, which charges shall be indicated upon such mechanical device by means of figures in dollars and cents.  (Ord. C-2013-06 §1(part), 2013).

3.82.020 Requirement of a valid permit.

It is unlawful for any person to operate a taxicab within the city of Half Moon Bay without first obtaining and maintaining a valid permit to operate a taxicab from any city located within San Mateo County that regulates taxicabs in accordance with the requirements of California Government Code Section 53075.5.  The sheriff’s department shall have the right to request proof of a valid permit issued under this section.  (Ord. C-2013-06 §1(part), 2013).

3.82.080 Operation of taxicab without a valid permit.

Any person who, in violation of this chapter, operates a taxicab without a valid permit or with a permit that has been revoked or is currently suspended shall have committed an infraction, punishable by:

A fine not exceeding one hundred dollars for a first violation;

A fine not exceeding two hundred dollars for a second violation;

A fine not exceeding five hundred dollars for each subsequent violation within one year.  (Ord. C-2013-06 §1(part), 2013).