Chapter 4.15


4.15.010    Civil court action.

4.15.020    Collection of costs by the city.

4.15.010 Civil court action.

The provisions of this code may be enforced by a civil court action, prosecuted by the city attorney in the name of city or in the name of the people of the state of California.  (Ord. C-2-12 §4(part), 2012).

4.15.020 Collection of costs by the city.

Whenever the city attorney is authorized or directed to commence or sustain any civil action or proceeding, either at law or in equity, to enforce any provision of this code, or any violation of a rule, regulation or order promulgated or issued pursuant to this code, or any condition of an approval, permit or license granted by the city, or to enforce any provision of any contract or agreement, or to enjoin or restrain any violation thereof, or to otherwise abate a nuisance condition or collect any sums of money on behalf of city, the prevailing party in such action or proceeding shall be entitled to collect all costs and expenses of the same, including reasonable attorney’s fees in an amount not to exceed the amount of attorney’s fees incurred by city, as authorized by Government Code Section 38773.5(b), and any such award of costs and expenses shall be made a part of the judgment.  Upon entry of a second or subsequent civil judgment against the same owner or other responsible party within a two-year period for a condition of real property constituting a nuisance condition (except for conditions abated pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 17980), the court issuing the judgment may order said owner or other responsible party to pay treble the cost of the abatement, pursuant to Government Code Section 38773.7.  (Ord. C-2-12 §4(part), 2012).