Chapter 7.04


7.04.010    Adopted.

7.04.020    Reference to city.

7.04.030    Fees.

*    For the statutory provisions authorizing local government units to enforce standards of sanitation and health for restaurants, see Health & Safety Code §28693.

7.04.010 Adopted.

The “Environmental Health Code of San Mateo County,” Chapters 1 through 7 of Division IV of the San Mateo County Ordinance Code, adopted January 4, 1977, and any other amendments thereto to the present date establishing health standards for restaurants, itinerant restaurants, mobile food vendors, caterers, food equipment, public fresh water sports areas, water supplies, wells, chemical toilets, and rodent and insect control is adopted by reference pursuant to Section 50022.9 of the Government Code.  (Ord. 7-80 §4, 1980).

7.04.020 Reference to city.

Whenever in the environmental health code there is a reference to “San Mateo County” it shall, except where used in reference to the payment of fees, be construed to refer to the city of Half Moon Bay.  (Ord. 7-80 §5, 1980).

7.04.030 Fees.

Whenever in the environmental health code a fee is required to be paid, such fee shall be paid to the county of San Mateo as provided in the environmental health code, it being the intent of this section to avoid the payment of a fee to both the county and the city.  (Ord. 7-80 §6, 1980).