Chapter 10.52


10.52.010    Purpose.

10.52.020    Through truck traffic prohibited--Main Street.

10.52.030    Truck defined.

10.52.040    Exceptions.

10.52.050    Authority to weigh trucks.

10.52.010 Purpose.

Main Street, in the city is a main commercial street, with narrow traffic lanes and limited parking.  It is further used for visitor serving uses, parades, church functions, Fourth of July activities and Pumpkin Festival activities.  It is also the subject of beautification efforts by the city and by citizen groups.

The city council finds that use of Main Street to pass through the city without any business destination on Main Street by trucks exceeding eight tons is inconsistent with the uses of Main Street and is adverse to the health, safety and general welfare of its citizens.  (Ord. 5-87 §1(part), 1987).

10.52.020 Through truck traffic prohibited--Main Street.

No person shall operate a truck having a gross weight in excess of eight tons on Main Street, in the city, from its intersection with State Highway 92 at its northerly end, and its intersection with State Highway 1 at its southerly end, subject to exceptions herein provided, for the purpose of passing through the city without any business or destination on Main Street.  (Ord. 5-87 §1(part), 1987).

10.52.030 Truck defined.

“Truck” includes the words:  motor truck, truck-tractor and trailer, as such terms are defined in the state vehicle code of this state.  (Ord. 5-87 §1(part), 1987).

10.52.040 Exceptions.

Nothing in this chapter shall be construed as prohibiting any truck from having ingress and egress to a business, building or structure hat is located within the area bounded by Highway 1, Highway 92 and the city limits.  Provided, that any such truck using Main Street shall proceed to and from any such building, structure or building site using Main Street by the shortest, safest route necessary.  (Ord. 5-87 §1(part), 1987).

10.52.050 Authority to weigh trucks.

Any police officer shall have the authority to require any person driving or in control of any truck which has used, is using, or shows intent to use Main Street, to proceed to any public or private scale available for the purpose of weighing and determining whether this chapter has been complied with.  (Ord. 5-87 §1(part), 1987).