Chapter 13.16


13.16.010    Short title.

13.16.020    Purpose.

13.16.030    Adoption of rules and regulations.

13.16.040    Special circumstances applications.

13.16.050    City inspector employment and compensation.

13.16.060    Permits and fees.

13.16.070    Damage or destruction of property prohibited.

13.16.080    Right of entry--Identification required.

13.16.090    Connection required.

13.16.010 Short title.

Chapters 13.12 through 13.40 shall be known as the “sanitary code” of the city of Half Moon Bay, California.  (Ord. 2-62 §203, 1962).

13.16.020 Purpose.

Chapters 13.12 through 13.40 are intended to provide rules and regulations for the use and construction of sewer facilities hereafter installed, altered or repaired within the city.  Chapters 13.12 through 13.40 do not apply retroactively and, in the event of an alteration or repair hereafter made, they shall apply only to the new materials and methods used therein.  (Ord. 2-62 §202, 1962).

13.16.030 Adoption of rules and regulations.

The following rules and regulations respecting sewer construction and disposal of sewage and drainage of buildings and connection to the sewage works of the city are adopted, and all work in respect thereto shall be performed as herein required, and not otherwise.  (Ord. 2-62 §201, 1962).

13.16.040 Special circumstances application.

When any person, by reason of special circumstances, is of the opinion that any provision of Chapters 13.12 through 13.40 is unjust or inequitable as applied to his premises, he may make written application to the city council, stating the special circumstances, citing the provision complained of, and requesting suspension or modification of that provision as applied to his premises.

If such application is approved, the city council may, by resolution, suspend or modify the provision complained of, as applied to such premises, to be effective as of the date of the application and continuing during the period of the special circumstances.  (Ord. 2-62 §206, 1962).

13.16.050 City inspector employment and compensation.

The city council shall employ some fit and qualified person or persons to perform the duties of inspecting the installation, connection, maintenance and use of all side sewers, public sewers, private sewers and facilities in connection therewith in the city, to be known as the city inspector.  The person so employed shall receive as compensation for his services for making inspections required to be made by the ordinances, orders and regulations from time to time enacted and ordered by the city council, a sum to be fixed by the city council.  He shall serve during the pleasure of the city council and may be another official of the city.  (Ord. 2-62 §207, 1962).

13.16.060 Permits and fees.

No public sewer, side sewer, building sewer or other sewerage facility shall be installed, altered or repaired within the city until a permit for the work has been obtained from the city and all fees paid in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 13.36.  (Ord. 2-62 §209, 1962).

13.16.070 Damage or destruction of property prohibited.

No unauthorized person shall maliciously, wilfully or negligently break, damage, destroy, uncover, deface or tamper with any structure, appurtenance or equipment which is a part of the city sewage works.  Any person violating this provision is subject to the penalties provided by law.  (Ord. 2-62 §101, 1962).

13.16.080 Right of entry--Identification required.

The officers, inspectors, managers and any duly authorized employee of the city shall carry evidence establishing his position as an authorized representative of the city, and upon exhibiting the proper credentials and identification, as provided in Chapter 1.12 of this code, shall be permitted to enter in and upon any and all buildings, industrial facilities and properties for the purposes of inspection, reinspection, observation, measurement, sampling, testing or otherwise performing such duties as may be necessary in the enforcement of the provisions of the ordinance, rules and regulations of the city.  (Ord. 2-62 §902, 1962).

13.16.090 Connection required.

After May 3, 1962, it is unlawful for any person to connect to, construct, install or provide, maintain and use any other means of sewage disposal from any building in the city except by connection to a public sewer in the manner as provided in Chapters 13.12 through 13.40.  (Ord. 2-62 §205, 1962).