Chapter 13.36


13.36.010    Permit required.

13.36.020    Agreement to comply.

13.36.030    Inspection of work.

13.36.040    Notification for inspection.

13.36.050    Correction notice.

13.36.060    Costs to be paid by owner.

13.36.070    Connection of parcel outside city limits.

13.36.080    Outside sewer permit--Optional.

13.36.090    Special contract for outside sewers.

13.36.100    Encroachment permit required.

13.36.110    Time limit on permits.

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13.36.010 Permit required.

No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connection with or opening into, use, alter or disturb any public sewer or appurtenances or perform any work on any lateral or building sewer without first obtaining a permit from the city. A request for a permit shall be submitted on a form provided by the city and is subject to fee set by the city council. Upon issuance of permit, no change shall be made in the location of the sewer, the grade, materials or other details from those described in the permit or as shown on the plans and specifications for which the permit was issued, without written approval of the city engineer. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.020 Agreement to comply.

The applicant’s signature on an application for any permit shall constitute an agreement to comply with all of the provisions, terms and requirements of Chapters 13.12 through 13.40 and other ordinances, rules and regulations of the city, and with the plans and specifications he has filed with his application, if any, together with such corrections or modifications as may be made or permitted by the city, if any. Such agreement shall be binding upon the applicant and may be altered only by the city upon the written request for the alteration from the applicant. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.030 Inspection of work.

All sewer construction work including private laterals, private mains, sewer connections and sewer mains shall be inspected by the city to ensure compliance with the permit and all applicable requirements of the city. No sewer shall be covered at any point until it has been inspected and passed for acceptance. No sewer shall be connected to the city’s public sewer until the work covered by the permit has been completed, inspected and approved by the city inspector. If the test proves satisfactory and the sewer has been cleaned of all debris accumulated from construction operations, the inspector shall issue a certificate of satisfactory completion. The city reserves the right to require video inspection of any permit work. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.040 Notification for inspection.

It shall be the duty of the person doing the work authorized by permit to request inspections at the appropriate time when work is ready for inspection. Such notification shall be given not less than one business day prior to the inspection. It shall be the duty of the person doing the work to ensure that the work complies with the permit and city standards prior to requesting an inspection. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.050 Correction notice.

Upon completion of an inspection and determination that the work is unsatisfactory, the inspector provides a written correction notice indicating the reasons for failed inspection. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.060 Costs to be paid by owner.

All costs and expenses incident to the installation and connection of any sewer or other work for which a permit has been issued shall be borne by the owner. The owner shall indemnify the city from any loss or damage that may directly or indirectly be occasioned by the work. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.070 Connection of parcel outside city limits.

Extension of sewer service to a parcel located outside of the city limits is subject to the approval of an outside city sewer service area agreement by the city council. The owner shall be responsible for all costs associated with approval of agreement, connection fees, construction costs and service charges. It shall be the responsibility of the owner to obtain approvals and permits from San Mateo County. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.080 Outside sewer permit--Optional.

The granting of such permission for an outside sewer in any event shall be optional with the city council. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.090 Special contract for outside sewers.

Where special conditions exist relating to an outside sewer, they shall be the subject of a special contract between the applicant and the city council. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.100 Encroachment permit required.

A separate encroachment permit must be secured from the county or city for any work proposed within the public right-of-way. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).

13.36.110 Time limit on permits.

If work under a permit is not commenced within six months from the date of issuance or if, after partial completion, the work is discontinued for a period of one year, the permit shall thereupon become void and no further work shall be done until a new permit shall have been secured. A new fee shall be paid upon the issuance of a new permit or substantially modified permit. (Ord. C-2020-04 §2(Att. A)(part), 2020).