Chapter 13.44


13.44.010    Regulations adopted by reference.

13.44.020    Definitions.

13.44.030    Fees for inspection.

13.44.010 Regulations adopted by reference.

The city incorporates by reference Division No.  7, Chapter No.  6 of the county of San Mateo Ordinance Code, commonly known as an “ordinance regulating individual sewage disposal systems,” together with all amendments thereto to the present date.  (Ord. 13-74 §1, 1974).

13.44.020 Definitions.

All definitions contained in the referred to ordinance are adopted with the following exceptions:

A.    “County of San Mateo” means city of Half Moon Bay.

B.    “Board of supervisors” means city council.

C.    “Unincorporated area of San Mateo County” means incorporated area of the city of Half Moon Bay.  (Ord. 13-74 §2, 1974).

13.44.030 Fees for inspection.

The permit fee for each permit issued pursuant to the provisions of Division No.  7, Chapter No.  6 of the County of San Mateo Ordinance Code shall be those fees established by the county of San Mateo as they may be amended from time to time by the county of San Mateo.  (Ord. 1-76 §1, 1976).