Chapter 14.08


14.08.010    Setting of grades--Required.

14.08.020    Setting of grades--Exception.

14.08.030    Setting of grades--Who shall perform.

14.08.040    Fee.

14.08.050    Records--Where filed.

*    Grading and excavation for new site developments, see Chapter 14.24 of this code.

14.08.010 Setting of grades--Required.

Except as provided herein, prior to the issuance of a building permit for any new building the applicant shall make provisions for the setting of grades for curbs, gutters and sidewalks abutting the building site. (Ord. 14-65 §1, 1965).

14.08.020 Setting of grades--Exception.

The requirement in Section 14.08.010 applies in all cases except the following: Where such grades have already been established and filed with the city, or where the building inspector determines that adequate provisions therefor have been made (as, for example, where grades will be set in the course of a subdivision affecting the land, or in the course of an assessment district proceeding affecting the land). (Ord. 14-65 §2, 1965).

14.08.030 Setting of grades--Who shall perform.

The applicant may provide for said setting of grades by the city engineer or by the use of a private engineer of his choice. In the latter case, the applicant shall submit the report of the private engineer to the city engineer for his approval. (Ord. 14-65 §3, 1965).

14.08.040 Fee.

In cases where the city does the work, there shall be charged and paid along with the building permit fee, a fee at the rate of seventy-five cents per lineal foot of frontage on any street for which grades must be set. (Ord. 14-65 §4, 1965).

14.08.050 Records--Where filed.

The records with respect to the establishment of said grades shall be made records of the city and kept on file in the office of the building inspector. (Ord. 14-65 §5, 1965).