Chapter 15.20


15.20.010    Intent and purpose.

15.20.020    Compliance required.

15.20.010 Intent and purpose.

This title establishes the regulation of signs as a way to:

A.    Promote economic sustainability and vitality without detracting from the scenic and visual qualities of the city’s resource areas; and

B.    Promote signage that fully complies with the applicable policies of the city’s local coastal program and the visual resource protection standards of the Implementation Plan; and

C.    Ensure that signage associated with historic buildings, structures, sites, objects and districts is architecturally and aesthetically compatible with such community assets;

D.    Regulate the size, scale, visibility and exposure of signage located within residential areas to ensure that such signage is appropriate and compatible with neighborhood aesthetics; and

E.    Maintain and enhance the overall property values in the city and the continuity of the streetscape by reducing visual clutter resulting from such elements as oversized signs, excessive illumination and unregulated temporary signs; and

F.    Improve traffic safety throughout the community by promoting signage that does not distract motorists, obstruct visibility along roadways, bicycle routes or pedestrian facilities, or otherwise impede efficient traffic circulation; and

G.    Safeguard and protect the public health, safety and welfare through appropriate prohibitions, regulations, and controls on the design, location and maintenance of signage.  (Ord. C-2013-04 §9(part), 2013; Ord. C-3-10 §1(Exh. A(part)), 2010. Formerly 15.01.010).

15.20.020 Compliance required.

No sign shall be installed on any real property situated in the city without approval in accordance with this title, unless exempt.  (Ord. C-2013-04 §9(part), 2013; Ord. C-3-10 §1(Exh. A(part)), 2010. Formerly 15.01.020).