Chapter 15.30


15.30.010    Exempt signs.

15.30.020    Prohibited signs.

15.30.010 Exempt signs.

A sign permit shall not be required for the following signs:

A.    Signs that are within buildings and are not visible from any point on the boundary of the property;

B.    Signs that are within an interior space, including an interior arcade, courtyard, mall, or similar area, and that are not visible from an alley, parking lot, or street;

C.    Signs or notices installed in compliance with a government function or required by a law, ordinance, or government regulation, including signs installed by a public utility (government/civic signs);

D.    Signs on licensed commercial vehicles, including trailers; provided, that the vehicles/trailers shall not be used as parked/stationary outdoor display signs;

E.    Flags of a nation, the state of California, other states of the nation, and municipalities displayed in a manner consistent with the flag code (36 U.S.C.A. Section 173 et seq.);

F.    Signs manufactured as a standard integral part of a mass-produced product accessory to a commercial or public or semi-public use, including automated teller machines, gasoline pumps, and telephone booths. The signs may contain the company’s name and/or logo only. No advertising message shall be provided. (Ord. C-2013-04 §9(part), 2013; Ord. C-3-10 §1(Exh. A(part)), 2010. Formerly 15.02.010).

15.30.020 Prohibited signs.

The signage listed in this section is inconsistent with the purposes and standards of this title and as such is prohibited in all zoning districts. Unless otherwise provided for in this title, the following signs are prohibited:

A.    Abandoned signs;

B.    Animated, moving, rotating and other similar signs;

C.    Inflatable signs, pennants, streamers, and permanent banners;

D.    Excessive use of permanent flags;

E.    Unauthorized temporary or permanent signs;

F.    Signs emitting audible sounds, odors, or visible matter. Menu/order board signs may emit sounds, but only as part of their primary function;

G.    Off-site commercial signs, including billboards, but excluding (1) advertisements mounted on public bus shelters, which are permitted if approved by the transit agency responsible for the shelter, and (2) real estate open house signs permitted under Section 15.40.050(B)(4)(c);

H.    Signs located on public property or within the public right-of-way, including political signs and temporary portable signs, except as specifically authorized by this title;

I.    Any sign that utilizes visible guy wires, angle irons and iron frame structures, unless construction is otherwise impossible;

J.    Signs which imitate or resemble official traffic warning devices, traffic signs, or lights of a road or emergency vehicle, or that by color, location, size, content, or lighting may confuse or disorient vehicular or pedestrian traffic, excluding on-site direction signs as allowed under Sections 15.50.010 and 15.50.020;

K.    Signs which are located on or project over the roof of a building or structure; and

L.    Signs which bear or contain statements, words or pictures of an obscene, pornographic, or sexually explicit character. (Ord. C-2022-01 §2(Att. A), 2022; Ord. C-2013-04 §9(part), 2013; Ord. C-3-10 §1(Exh. A(part)), 2010. Formerly 15.02.020).