Chapter 15.70


15.70.010    Special sign programs.

15.70.010 Special sign programs.

A.    Purpose.  A special sign program is intended to integrate project signs into the architectural design of the site, thereby creating an architectural statement of high quality.  A special sign program provides a flexible means of applying and modifying the sign regulations in this title to ensure high quality in the design and display of multiple permanent signs for a project or use and to encourage creativity and excellence in the design of signs.  It is expected that the design quality of signs proposed under a special sign program will be of a superior quality and creativity to those that might result through the normal sign permit process.  The provisions of a special sign program shall not include temporary banners.

B.    Applicability.  A special sign program may be approved whenever any of the following circumstances exist:

1.    A multiple tenant center requests a special sign program; or

2.    The community development director determines that a special sign program is needed because of special project characteristics (e.g., the size of proposed signs, limited site visibility, a business within a business, the location of the site relative to major transportation routes, etc.) or when unique, creatively designed signs are being proposed and certain aspects of the sign’s design (e.g., animation) might not otherwise be allowed.

C.    Approval Authority.  A special sign program shall require approval by the planning commission who may consider the recommendation of any city council appointed advisory committee or commission.  Following approval of a special sign program, permits for individual signs consistent with the approved special sign program may be approved by the community development director on an administrative basis.

D.    Modification of Standards.  A special sign program may include sign standards that are, at the same time, both more restrictive in some respects and less restrictive in other respects, compared to the standards established in Chapters 15.50 and 15.60.  Allowed modifications may relate to sign area, number of signs, height, and location.  Less restrictive provisions in a special sign program may encourage creative signage and allow signage otherwise prohibited by Sections 15.30.020(B) and (I), but shall not allow signs that are otherwise prohibited by this title.

E.    Findings.  In order to approve a special sign program, the following findings shall first be made:

1.    The special sign program complies with the intent of this title;

2.    Proposed signs enhance the overall development and are in harmony with other signs included in the plan with the structures they identify and with surrounding development;

3.    The special sign program contains provisions to accommodate future revisions that may be required because of changes in use or tenants; and

4.    The special sign program complies with the standards of this title, except that flexibility is allowed with regard to sign area, number, location, and/or height to the extent that the master sign plan will enhance the overall development, achieve superior quality design, and will more fully accomplish the purposes of this title.

F.    Revisions to Special Sign Program.

1.    Revisions to special sign program may be approved by the community development director if the intent of the original approval is not affected.

2.    Revisions that would substantially deviate from the original approval shall require an amendment to the special sign program or the approval of a new special sign program by the planning commission.  (Ord. C-2019-03 §2(Exh. A)(part), 2019; Ord. C-2015-04 §1(part), 2015; Ord. C-2013-04 §9(part), 2013; Ord. C-9-11 §7, 2011; Ord. C-3-10 §1(Exh. A)(part), 2010. Formerly 15.09.010).