Chapter 15.90


15.90.010    Message substitution.

15.90.010 Message substitution.

A.    Message Substitution. A noncommercial message of any type may be substituted, in whole or in part, for any duly permitted commercial message or any other noncommercial message. Any on-site commercial message may be substituted, in whole or in part, for any other on-site commercial message.

B.    No Additional Approval. This message substitution may be made without any additional approval, permitting, registration or notice to the city. The purpose of this provision is to prevent inadvertent favoring of commercial speech over noncommercial speech, or favoring of any particular noncommercial message over any other noncommercial message.

C.    Limitations. This message substitution provision does not:

1.    Create a right to increase the total amount of signage on a parcel, lot or land use;

2.    Affect the requirement that a sign structure or mounting device be properly permitted;

3.    Allow a change in the physical structure of a sign or its mounting device; or

4.    Authorize the substitution of a commercial message in place of a noncommercial message or the substitution of an off-site commercial message in place of an on-site commercial message. (Ord. C-2022-01 §2(Att. A), 2022).