Chapter 17.26


17.26.010    Filing.

17.26.015    Statements.

17.26.020    Date of filing.

17.26.025    Public hearing required.

17.26.030    Filing and action on tentative parcel map by planning commission.

17.26.035    Action on tentative parcel maps.

17.26.040    Appeal.

17.26.045    City council action on appeal.

17.26.050    Recording required.

17.26.055    Limitation of approval.

17.26.060    Submission of parcel map for recording.

17.26.010 Filing.

Where required by the provisions of this title, tentative and final parcel maps, as defined and regulated in the California Subdivision Map Act, shall be prepared and filed with the planning commission together with a filing fee set by resolution of the city council.

A.    Design and Improvements.  Divisions of property in accordance with the provisions of this chapter shall be governed as to design by all applicable provisions of this title.

B.    Tentative Parcel Map Information.  A legible tentative map drawn to scale on a sheet eighteen by twenty-six inches in size on mylar or other reproducible paper shall be prepared and submitted showing:

1.    Name, address and phone number of record owner and person filing the map; the parcel map number of the proposed subdivision, and the name and address of the licensed land surveyor, registered civil engineer, or other qualified professional who prepared said tentative map.

2.    Name and legal description of lot and tract or grant in which the subdivision is located and ties to adjoining streets.

3.    Any other data necessary for the intelligent interpretation of the conditions existing and the location of recorded points, lines and areas shown, including but not limited to:

a.    The contour of the land at intervals of one foot of elevation up to five percent slope, two-foot intervals up to ten percent slope and five-foot intervals over ten percent slope.

b.    Sufficient data to determine boundaries of division accurately.

c.    Width, location, purpose of all existing and proposed easements.

d.    The width, grade of all streets and other rights-of-way whether proposed for dedication or existing.

e.    All lots and condominium air spaces numbered consecutively throughout the entire development; the approximate dimensions of al lots; approximate lot areas shall be shown for all lots not rectangular in shape.

f.    The approximate radii of all curves.

g.    The locations of areas subject to flood or inundation by a one-hundred-year flood.

h.    Approximate elevations of street intersections.

i.    The location, size, grades of proposed sewers, water lines, storm drains.

j.    Location of all proposed fire hydrants, street lights, easements.

k.    Location of creeks, riparian setbacks and bluff setbacks.

l.    Any additional information required by the city engineer.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.015 Statements.

Accompanying the tentative map shall be the following statements by the subdivider:

A.    A statement as to drainage, surfacing or other required improvements to be constructed by him;

B.    A statement as to whether proposed roads, widenings or street openings are offered for separate dedication, and if so, copies of a preliminary title report on subject property shall be included;

C.    A statement of existing zoning and proposed use;

D.    A statement and report on soil tests or geologic report if required by the city engineer.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.020 Date of filing.

The date of filing any tentative parcel map under this chapter shall be as set forth in Section 17.20.035 of this title.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.025 Public hearing required.

A.    Consideration by the planning commission and city council of any tentative map shall be at a duly noticed public hearing.

B.    Notice of the place, time, and date of the public hearing and a brief description of the proposed subdivision and its location shall be according to the following procedures:

1.    At least ten days prior to the public hearing, notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the city of Half Moon Bay.

2.    Public notice conforming to the requirements of this title shall be mailed to all property owners within three hundred feet of the boundaries of the proposed subdivision.

3.    A copy of the public notice shall be conspicuously posted on the site of the proposed subdivision adjacent to every public street or access way at least ten days prior to the public hearing.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.030 Filing and action on tentative parcel map by planning commission.

A.    One reproducible tracing and twenty-two copies of the map and required statements and documents shall be filed with the secretary of the planning commission at least sixty days prior to the time at which action by the planning commission is expected.  The secretary of the planning commission shall immediately transmit a copy of said map to the city engineer, building official, Half Moon Bay fire district, police chief, community development director, city clerk and to each public utility serving the general area of the proposed minor subdivision.

B.    The community development director, with the aid of the above-mentioned staff, shall review said map and shall make a report and recommendations, and present it to the planning commission.

C.    The subdivider shall submit proof of the adequacy of the proposed easements at the time of filing the tentative parcel map, and any utility company concerned may make a report to the planning commission as to the adequacy of the proposed easements.

D.    Any lots created by minor subdivision approved by the city shall eliminate any previously recorded lot lines which fall within said minor subdivision.

E.    Partial width streets may be approved by the planning commission when lot owners are not able to coordinate development on adjacent lots, but in no case shall such street be less than twenty-eight feet of right-of-way and fourteen feet of pavement.  (Ord. C-2015-04 §1(part), 2015; Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.035 Action on tentative parcel maps.

The planning commission shall at a public hearing determine whether the tentative parcel map is in conformity with the general plan and its elements, the local coastal plan, the zoning ordinance, the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act, and this title as to design, drainage, utilities, road improvements and offers of dedication or deed.  Upon this basis they shall, within sixty days of the date of the application being deemed complete, approve, conditionally approve or disapprove the map.  The planning commission shall report such action in writing to the subdivider.  Any such approved tentative map shall meet the requirements for a parcel map.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.040 Appeal.

Appeals from the action of the planning commission shall be considered by the city council and must be made in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 1.25 within ten calendar days from the date of the planning commission’s action.  (Ord. C-7-08 §20(part), 2008:  Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.045 City council action on appeal.

The city council shall hear any appeal promptly at a duly noticed public hearing as provided for in this title.  The city council may sustain, overrule, or modify the action of the planning commission.  (Ord. C-7-08 §20(part), 2008:  Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.050 Recording required.

No building permit may be issued prior to recording of the parcel map.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.055 Limitation of approval.

A.    The approval of a tentative parcel map shall be valid for a period of twenty-four months from the date of approval by the planning commission or city council.  Such approval or conditional approval may be extended for a period not to exceed three additional one-year periods by the planning commission upon written request, providing such request is made prior to the expiration of the two-year approval period.

B.    Any failure to record a parcel map within two years from the approval or conditional approval of the tentative parcel map, or any extension thereof granted, shall terminate all proceedings.

C.    A parcel map shall be prepared in conformance with the approved tentative parcel map and presented to the city clerk after a certificate has been executed by the city engineer and the registered civil engineer or licensed land surveyor who prepared the map, certifying compliance with all conditions of approval.

D.    The parcel map shall meet all requirements of a parcel map as set forth in the California Subdivision Map Act and this title, and when improvements or dedications are required, shall be accompanied by a guaranty of title, any separate instruments of dedication or deeds and improvement agreement, all as set forth in this title.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.26.060 Submission of parcel map for recording.

A.    A parcel map shall be considered complete for recording when it complies with the conditions of approval, this title, and the Subdivision Map Act and the following are filed with the city engineer:  two blue line prints, an original tracing or duplicate on mylar or polyester base of good quality, and a filing fee as set by resolution of the city council.

B.    The city engineer shall determine that said map is in conformity with the tentative parcel map, the conditions of approval, this title, and the Subdivision Map Act.  If the map meets these requirements the city engineer shall approve the map for recordation.  In case the city engineer determines the map is not in conformity with the requirements, he shall return the map to the subdivider for correction.  If the map is approved, and after seals and signatures are affixed, the city engineer shall transmit any irrevocable offers of dedication or agreements to the city council for approval and acceptance.

C.    After such approval the parcel map shall be transmitted to the city clerk for filing with the county recorder.  No building permit shall be issued until the parcel map is filed with the county recorder for record.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).