Chapter 17.44


17.44.010    Report required.

17.44.015    Waiver.

17.44.010 Report required.

At the time of submission of the tentative map or the tentative parcel map, the subdivider shall file with the planning department a preliminary soils and/or geologic report, prepared by a certified geotechnical engineer who is registered by the state of California.  The report shall be based upon adequate test borings or excavations.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).

17.44.015 Waiver.

The preliminary soils and/or geologic report may be waived if the planning department or city engineer shall determine that, due to the knowledge of such department as to the soils qualities and geologic conditions of the subdivision, no preliminary analysis is necessary.  (Ord. 3-94 §1(part), 1994).