Chapter 18.01


18.01.010    Intent and purpose.

18.01.015    Designation of districts.

18.01.020    Compliance required.

18.01.025    Adoption of zoning district map.

18.01.030    District boundaries.

18.01.035    Amendments to the zoning district map.

18.01.010 Intent and purpose.

The overall intent and purpose of this title is to protect and promote the public health, safety and general welfare, to implement the policies of the general plan, as provided in the California Government Code, Title 7, Chapters 3 and 4, and in the California Constitution, Chapter 11, Section 7, and to put the goals and policies of the land use plan and the Coastal Act of 1976 into effect.  More specifically the zoning ordinance is intended to:

A.    Guide, control and regulate the future growth of the city;

B.    Prevent excessive population densities and overcrowding of land and buildings;

C.    Protect the character and social and economic stability of agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial and other public and private areas within the city;

D.    Provide adequate light, air, privacy and access to property;

E.    Ensure that service demands associated with new development not exceed the capacity of existing streets, utilities or other public services;

F.    Conserve and enhance the city’s architectural, historical and cultural resources;

G.    Conserve and enhance important visual resources within the city, including views from Highway 1 of the Pacific Ocean and coastal beaches and bluffs, the visual character of the old downtown area, and views of the inland hillsides at the eastern edge of the city; and

H.    Protect, conserve and, where possible, restore natural environmental resources within the city.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.01.015 Designation of districts.

The districts established by this title are as follows:




Single-family residential


Two-family residential


Multiple-family residential








Commercial--Visitor serving


Public service




Urban reserve


Open space reserve


Open space--Active


Open space--Passive


Open space--Conservation


Agriculture--Exclusive floriculture


Agriculture and agriculture reserve


Planned unit development


Mobile home park

(Ord. C-6-07 §2, 2007; 1996 zoning code (part)).

18.01.020 Compliance required.

No land shall be used and no structure shall be constructed, enlarged, altered, moved, or used in any district as shown on the zoning district map except in conformance with the regulations established by this title.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.01.025 Adoption of zoning district map.

The zoning district map described in this title is on file with the city clerk and is adopted as a part of this title and is incorporated in this title by reference.  The designations, locations and boundaries of the districts are as set forth in the map.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.01.030 District boundaries.

Wherever any uncertainty exists as to the boundary of a district as shown on the zoning district map, the following regulations shall apply:

A.    Where a district boundary line is indicated as following a street or alley, it shall be construed as following the right-of-way line thereof.

B.    Where a district boundary line follows or coincides approximately with a lot line or a property ownership line, it shall be construed as following the lot line or property ownership line.

C.    Where a district boundary line is not indicated as following a street or alley, and does not follow or coincides approximately with a lot line or property ownership line, the boundary line shall be determined by the use of the scale shown on the zoning district map.

D.    Where further uncertainty exists, the planning commission, upon written application or upon its own motion, shall determine the boundary of the district in question, giving due consideration to the location indicated on the zoning district map, the objectives of this title, and the purposes set forth in the district regulations.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.01.035 Amendments to the zoning district map.

All changes in boundaries or reclassification of territory from one district to another shall be by ordinance adopted pursuant to the provisions of this title.  Upon adoption of an ordinance amending the zoning district map, the community development director shall make the appropriate changes to the map, with a notation of the date and the number of the ordinance amending the map.  The failure of any such notation of change to be placed on the map shall not effect the validity of the amendment or change.  (Ord. C-2015-04 §1(part), 2015; 1996 zoning code (part)).