Chapter 18.10


18.10.010    Permitted uses.

18.10.020    Conditionally permitted uses.

18.10.030    Building height limit.

18.10.040    Minimum building site.

18.10.050    Front yard.

18.10.060    Side yard.

18.10.070    Rear yard.

18.10.080    Noise.

18.10.090    Maximum floor area, retail uses.

18.10.100    Screening of outdoor storage facilities.

18.10.010 Permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted in the IND district; provided, that no use shall be carried on in a manner that is, in the opinion of the planning commission, objectionable from the standpoint of odor, dust, smoke, gas, noise or vibration, and any emission shall not be damaging or have a tendency to damage sensitive vegetation:

A.    Provided the planning commission has had a review of the industry applying for possible location in Half Moon Bay by the Bay Area air pollution control district to assist the planning commission in its decisions; and provided, that when required by the standards in this title, the project has been reviewed and approved by the planning commission who may consider the recommendation of any city council appointed advisory committee or commission.

1.    Acetylene.  The storage of oxygen and acetylene in tanks if oxygen is stored in a room separate from acetylene, and such rooms are separated by a not less than one-hour fire resistant wall,

2.    Aircraft assembly plants,

3.    Animal experimental research institute,

4.    Animal hospitals,

5.    Automobile assembly plants,

6.    Auto, truck and heavy equipment service and repair including tire repair, sales and service,

7.    Bags and boxes, papers, manufacture of,

8.    Barrels, storage of empty barrels,

9.    Baseball park,

10.    Batteries, the manufacture and rebuilding of batteries,

11.    Billboards, the manufacture and storage of,

12.    Blacksmith shops,

13.    Boat building,

14.    Bone products, the manufacture of bone products,

15.    Book bindery,

16.    Bottling plant,

17.    Breweries,

18.    Brushes, the manufacture of,

19.    Cabinet making and carpentry shop,

20.    Candles, the manufacture of,

21.    Canvas products, the manufacture of,

22.    Car barns for busses and streetcars,

23.    Carnivals, commercial or otherwise,

24.    Carpet cleaning,

25.    Cellophane, the manufacture of cellophane products,

26.    Ceramics, the manufacture of ceramics,

27.    Cesspool pumping, cleaning and draining,

28.    Cigars, the manufacture of cigarettes and cigars,

29.    Circus,

30.    Clay products, the manufacture and storage of,

31.    Cleaning and dyeing establishments, wholesale,

32.    Clothing, the manufacture of cloth products, including clothing of all kinds but not tanning,

33.    Coffee roasting,

34.    Coffins, the manufacture of,

35.    Contractor’s equipment yard, including farm equipment and all equipment used in building trades,

36.    Cork, the manufacture of cork products,

37.    Cosmetics, the packaging and distribution of pharmaceutical and cosmetic items,

38.    Cotton storage,

39.    Curtain cleaning plants,

40.    Dairy products depot and manufacture of dairy products,

41.    Distributing plants, including bulk petroleum plants,

42.    Draying yard or terminal,

43.    Drugs, the manufacture of and sale at wholesale of drugs,

44.    Dry goods, the manufacture and storage of and wholesale of dry goods,

45.    Electrical appliance assembly,

46.    Electrical parts, the manufacture of, the sale at wholesale of, or the storage of small electrical parts,

47.    Electronics industry,

48.    Engines, the manufacture of steam engines.  This paragraph does not permit a foundry,

49.    Engraving.  Machine metal engraving,

50.    Fabricating, other than snap riveting or any process used in bending or shaping which produces any annoying or disagreeable noises,

51.    Fiber products, the manufacture of,

52.    Fixtures, the manufacture of gas or electrical fixtures, or both,

53.    Frozen food process plants,

54.    Fruit packaging plants,

55.    Fuel yard,

56.    Fur products, the manufacture and storage of,

57.    Furniture, the manufacture of,

58.    Glass, the production by hand of crystal glass art novelties within a closed building of fire resistant construction,

59.    Gloves, the manufacture of,

60.    Heating equipment, the manufacture of,

61.    Hemp storage,

62.    Humane societies,

63.    Incinerators, the manufacture of,

64.    Ink, the manufacture of,

65.    Iron.  Ornamental iron works but not including a foundry,

66.    Jewelry, the manufacture of,

67.    Leather products, the manufacture of, but not including tanning,

68.    Light bulbs, the manufacture of,

69.    Linen and towel supply,

70.    Lubricating oil.  The canning and packaging of lubricating oil if not more than one hundred barrels are stored above ground at any one time,

71.    Lumber yards,

72.    Machine shops and storage yard and repair,

73.    Malt products, the manufacture of,

74.    Marine oil service station,

75.    Mattresses, the manufacture and renovation of,

76.    Medicines, the manufacture of,

77.    Metals,

78.    Manufacture of products of precious metals,

79.    Manufacture of metal, steel and brass stamp, including hand and machine engraving,

80.    Metal fabrication, spinning and storage,

81.    Moving van storage or operating yard,

82.    Musical instruments, the manufacture of,

83.    Novelties, the manufacture of,

84.    Oil, the manufacture of vegetable oil,

85.    Optical goods, the manufacture of,

86.    Paint mixing, except the mixing of lacquers and synthetic enamels,

87.    Paper products, the manufacture of, but not including the manufacture of paper itself,

88.    Perfume, the manufacture of,

89.    Pest control service, including residential termite control,

90.    Pharmaceuticals, the manufacture and packaging of,

91.    Phonographs, the assembly of,

92.    Planing mill,

93.    Plaster, the storage of,

94.    Poultry and rabbits, the wholesale and retail sale of poultry and rabbits, including slaughtering and dressing within a building,

95.    Presses, hydraulic presses for the molding of plastics,

96.    Public utility substations and service groups,

97.    Produce yard or terminal,

98.    Radios, the assembly of,

99.    Refrigeration plants,

100.    Roofing contractor’s establishment,

101.    Rugs, the manufacture of,

102.    Sand, the washing of sand to be used in sandblasting,

103.    Sash and door manufacturing,

104.    Shell products,

105.    Shoes, the manufacture of,

106.    Shooting gallery,

107.    Signs, the manufacture of,

108.    Skating rinks,

109.    Soft drinks, the manufacture and bottling of,

110.    Stables,

111.    Starch, the mixing and bottling of starch,

112.    Statuary, the manufacture of clay, paper mache and stone statuary and monuments,

113.    Stencils, the manufacture of,

114.    Stone, marble and granite, grinding, dressing and cutting,

115.    Storage and rental of plows, tractors, busses, contractor’s equipment and cement mixers, not within a building,

116.    Tire repair, sales and service,

117.    Tools, the manufacture of,

118.    Toys, the manufacture of,

119.    Trailers, the manufacture of,

120.    Truck storage or rental,

121.    Ventilating ducts, the manufacture of,

122.    Veterinary, the consulting office and hospital of a veterinary,

123.    Vitamin tablets, the manufacture of,

124.    Warehouse, storage warehouse,

125.    Wine storage and manufacture,

126.    Wood, the manufacture of wood products,

127.    Wood yard,

128.    Yarn, the dyeing and manufacture of yarn Products,

129.    Outdoor advertising structures or sign as defined in Sections 5202 and 5203 of the Business and Professions Code of the state,

130.    Extraction of chemicals from sea water by natural evaporation,

131.    Other uses which in the opinion of the planning commission are of the same general character as those enumerated in this subsection.  (Ord. C-2019-03 §2(Exh. A)(part), 2019; 1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.020 Conditionally permitted uses.

The following uses are permitted subject to planning commission approval of a conditional use permit in each case, provided the project plans and characteristics of the proposed industry or business have been reviewed by the community development director who may consider the recommendation of any city council appointed advisory committee or commission in accordance with the requirements contained in this title:

A.    Dog kennels, commercial dog raising establishments and dog training schools, provided, that no such use shall be permitted within five hundred feet of an R district, and the planning commission shall require as a condition of any use permit adequate provision for surfaced floors and runs, drainage, fencing and other facilities to assure sanitary maintenance.

B.    Retail uses within those buildings located on the front portion of parcels fronting Highway 92 or Main Street.  The planning commission’s review of the use permit request shall include, at a minimum, a review of the following:

1.    The percentage of the building or site to be used for retail businesses;

2.    Plans for construction or conversion;

3.    Parking and landscaping plans;

4.    Site ingress and egress;

5.    Use characteristics; and

6.    Signage plans.  (Ord. C-2019-03 §2(Exh. A)(part), 2019; Ord. C-2015-04 §1(part), 2015; 1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.030 Building height limit.

The maximum building height in an IND district shall be forty feet.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.040 Minimum building site.

The minimum building site in an IND district shall be ten thousand square feet.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.050 Front yard.

There is no required front yard in an IND district.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.060 Side yard.

The required side yard in an IND district shall be five feet, except that a lot bordering on an R district shall have a minimum side yard of twenty feet.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.070 Rear yard.

There is no required rear yard in an IND district, except that any lot which borders on an R district shall have minimum rear yard of twenty feet.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.080 Noise.

Sound levels shall be measured with a sound level meter and associated octave band filter manufactured according to standards prescribed by the American Standards Association, Inc., New York, NY.  Measurements shall be made using the flat network of the sound level meter.  Impulsive type noises shall be subject to the performance standards hereinafter prescribed; provided, that such noises shall be capable of being accurately measured with such equipment.  Noises incapable of being so measured, such as those of an irregular and intermittent natures, shall be controlled so as not to become a nuisance to adjacent uses.

A.    At no point, either on the boundary of an R district or a commercial district or at one hundred twenty-five feet from the nearest property line of a plant or operation; whichever distance is greater, shall the sound pressure level of an individual operation or plant (other than the operation of motor vehicles and other transportation facilities) exceed the decibel levels at the designated octave bands shown hereafter for the district indicated.

Octave Band
Cycles Per Second

Sound Level

Sound Level

0 to 75



75 to 150



150 to 300



300 to 600



600 to 1200



1200 to 2400



2400 to 4800



above 4800



*    Maximum permitted sound level in decibels along R district boundaries or one hundred twenty-five feet from plant or operation property line.

**    Maximum permitted sound level in decibels along C district boundaries or one hundred twenty-five feet from plant or operation property line.

(1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.090 Maximum floor area, retail uses.

The maximum building floor area permitted for retail uses on any parcel having frontage on a major thoroughfare shall be determined by the planning commission as a part of the use permit review process.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.10.100 Screening of outdoor storage facilities.

All outdoor storage facilities on parcels fronting main thoroughfares shall be screened from public view by fencing and/or landscaping in accordance with the visual resources ordinance and all other applicable sections of the zoning code.  (1996 zoning code (part)).