Chapter 18.14


18.14.010    Applicability.

18.14.020    Permitted uses.

18.14.030    Building height limit.

18.14.040    Minimum area of lot or building site.

18.14.050    Front yard.

18.14.060    Side yard.

18.14.070    Rear yard.

18.14.080    Distance between dwellings.

18.14.010 Applicability.

The following regulations, as designated in this chapter, shall apply in all A-2 districts.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.14.020 Permitted uses.

Uses permitted in the A-2 district include the following:

A.    All agricultural uses, with the exception of hog ranches; provided, however, that livestock shall be kept in accordance with the following regulations:

1.    No small livestock shall be housed or concentrated in an enclosure located closer than one hundred feet from any adjoining dwelling,

2.    No livestock, other than small livestock as defined in this title, shall be housed or concentrated in an enclosure located within one thousand feet of any R district boundary or within one hundred fifty feet of any adjoining dwelling; except on the following conditions:

a.    On parcels of less than three acres, not more than five such animals per acre shall be kept or maintained,

b.    On parcels more than five but less than ten acres, not more than ten animals per acre shall be kept or maintained,

c.    On parcels ten acres or more, not more than twenty such animals per acre shall be kept or maintained,

d.    For raising of sheep or goats, the permissible number of animals per acre shall be multiplied by three;

B.    The sale of the products of any permitted use produced upon the premises.  This may include the erection of a temporary or permanent stand for display or sale of products (except livestock).  Said stand shall provide sufficient off-street parking facilities to accommodate its peak shopping period.  Temporary or permanent roadside stands are permitted only adjacent to the farm producing the products to be sold and no stand shall be erected where said farm is less than five acres in size; provided, that any such stand shall be inspected and approved by the county health officer;

C.    Accessory building customarily incidental to the permitted use, including residential structures accessory to the primary agricultural uses;

D.    Dog kennels, commercial dog raising establishments and dog training schools, subject to securing a use permit to each case; provided, that no such use shall be permitted within five hundred feet of a residential district.  The planning commission shall require as a condition of any use permit adequate provisions for surfaced floors and runs, drainage, fencing and other facilities to assure sanitary maintenance.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.14.030 Building height limit.

The building height limit in the A-2 district shall be two and one-half stories, but not exceeding thirty-five feet; provided, however, that well derricks, windmills and tank houses may be constructed to a height of not to exceed sixty feet.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.14.040 Minimum area of lot or building site.

Each single-family dwelling, together with its accessory buildings, hereafter erected as incidental to the operation of any use permitted in this chapter shall be located on a building site having an area of not less than one acre and an acreage width of one hundred fifty feet; provided, that, only in conjunction with the agricultural use of the land as a farm residence or a farm labor residence, there may be two dwellings constructed on a parcel where the ownership is at least three acres, and for each additional three acres of ownership an additional dwelling may be constructed.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.14.050 Front yard.

In an A-2 district, each lot shall have a front yard not less than fifty feet in depth.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.14.060 Side yard.

In an A-2 district, each lot shall have side yards not less than twenty feet in width.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.14.070 Rear yard.

In an A-2 district, each lot shall have a rear yard not less than twenty-five feet in depth.  (1996 zoning code (part)).

18.14.080 Distance between dwellings.

No dwelling shall be located closer than twenty-five feet to any other dwelling on the same parcel.  (1996 zoning code (part)).