Title 2


2.04    Administrative Policies and Procedures

2.08    City Council

2.12    City Manager

2.16    Finance Director

2.20    Mayor

2.24    Fire Department

2.28    Police Department

2.32    Boards, Committees and Commissions

2.36    Appeal, Review and Rehearing of Decisions

2.40    Elections

2.44    Public Museum

2.48    Healdsburg Municipal Airport

2.52    Claims Procedures

2.56    Mobile Home Park Space Rent Stabilization


As to provisions pertaining to civil defense, see Chapter 9.04 HMC. For creation of civil defense and disaster council, see HMC 9.04.030. For creation of office of director of emergency services, see HMC 9.04.050. For composition of emergency organization, see HMC 9.04.070. For provisions pertaining to fire prevention, see Chapter 15.08 HMC. For creation of office of radio and television interference inspector, see HMC 9.20.020. For designation of advisory agency for subdivisions, see HMC 17.04.020. For duties of the planning commission pertaining to subdivisions, see HMC 17.04.120 through 17.04.150. As to taxation, see HMC Title 3.