Chapter 2.20


2.20.010    Powers and duties generally.

2.20.020    Duties during City Council meeting – Voting power in City Council.

2.20.010 Powers and duties generally.

The mayor shall be the official head of the City for all ceremonial purposes and he shall perform all duties imposed upon him by the laws of the state or by ordinance of the City Council. The mayor shall serve in such capacity at the pleasure of the City Council. (Ord. 403 § 2. Code 1964 § 2-9.)

2.20.020 Duties during City Council meeting – Voting power in City Council.2

The mayor shall preserve strict order and decorum at all meetings of the City Council. He shall state every question coming before the City Council, announce the decision of the City Council on all subjects and decide all questions of order; subject, however, to an appeal to the City Council, in which event a majority vote of the Councilmembers present shall govern and conclusively determine such question of order. Voting on all resolutions and ordinances shall be by roll call vote called by the City Clerk, and the mayor shall be entitled to vote on all questions, his name being called last. (Ord. 403 § 2. Code 1964 § 2-10.)


For state law as to mayor generally, see Government Code §§ 40601 to 40604.


For state law as to powers and duties of mayor as a member of the city council, see Government Code §§ 36802 and 36803.