Chapter 2.44


2.44.010    Public museum established.

2.44.020    Management of the museum.

2.44.030    Authority of society to make and enforce regulations.

2.44.040    Museum shall be free.

2.44.050    Applicability of general state law.

2.44.010 Public museum established.

There is hereby established in the City of Healdsburg a public museum for the collection, safeguarding, and display of natural and historical objects. (Ord. 891 § 2, 1994. Code 1964 § 2-110.)

2.44.020 Management of the museum.

The museum shall be managed by the Healdsburg Museum and Historical Society (society) pursuant to the lease and administration agreement in force between the City and the society. (Ord. 891 § 2, 1994. Code 1964 § 2-111.)

2.44.030 Authority of society to make and enforce regulations.

The society may make and enforce all regulations necessary for the administration and protection of the museum property, facilities and collections. (Ord. 891 § 2, 1994. Code 1964 § 2-112.)

2.44.040 Museum shall be free.

Subject to rules and regulations of the society, the museum shall be free to the inhabitants and nonresident taxpayers of the City. (Ord. 891 § 2, 1994. Code 1964 § 2-113.)

2.44.050 Applicability of general state law.

In all matters pertaining to the museum and the society not explicitly provided for in this chapter, the provisions of state law shall govern, particularly the provisions of Government Code Section 37541 et seq. (Ord. 891 § 2, 1994. Code 1964 § 2-114.)