Title 8


8.04    Repealed

8.08    Garbage and Refuse

8.12    Hazardous Materials Release

8.16    Underground Storage of Hazardous Substances

8.20    Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA)

8.24    Public Places and Dwellings, Multi-Unit Smoking

8.26    Tobacco Retailers

8.28    Alarms and Alarm Systems

8.32    Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

8.36    E-Cigarette Lounges and Vapor Bars


For requirement of cleanliness of premises where livestock and fowl are kept, see HMC 6.04.300 and 6.04.330. For requirement that animal premises be kept clean and sanitary, see HMC 6.04.260. For requirement of report of dogs biting humans to animal control officer, see HMC 6.04.250. For license requirement for barbershops and beauty parlors, see HMC 5.04.360. For prohibition against spitting in public places, see HMC 9.36.090.