Title 10


10.04    General Provisions

10.08    Enforcement

10.12    Traffic-Control Devices and Signals

10.16    Turning Movements

10.20    One-Way Streets

10.24    Special Stops

10.28    Stopping, Standing and Parking

10.32    Loading and Unloading

10.36    Miscellaneous Driving Rules

10.40    Truck Routes

10.44    Pedestrians

10.48    Parade Permits

10.50    Prima Facie Speed Limits

10.52    Storage, Standing and Parking

10.56    No Parking Areas

10.60    Regulation of Public Property Uses

10.64    Abandoned Vehicles and Abatement

10.68    Repealed

10.72    Towing Service Requirements

10.76    Trip Reduction


As to creation of special gas tax street improvement fund, see HMC 3.20.010. As to prohibition against confining animals in vehicles, see HMC 6.04.280. As to requirement that riders or drivers of animals obey traffic controls, see HMC 6.04.310. As to license requirement of truck and bus transportation companies, see HMC 5.04.380 and Chapter 5.16 HMC. As to prohibition against being drunk in vehicles, see HMC 9.36.030. As to tank truck water, see HMC 13.12.140. As to streets and sidewalks generally, see Chapter 12.04 HMC. As to prohibition against driving on newly constructed streets, see HMC 12.04.010. As to prohibition against use of vehicles on sidewalks, see HMC 12.04.040. As to taxicabs and other vehicles for hire, see Chapter 5.16 HMC.