Chapter 10.56


10.56.010    No parking areas.

10.56.010 No parking areas.

It is unlawful for any person to stop, stand or park any vehicle in any of the following places, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the direction of a police officer or other authorized officer, or traffic sign or signal.

A.    Within any divisional island unless authorized and clearly indicated by a sign or red curb paint.

B.    On either side of any street between the projected property lines of any public work, public steps, street or thoroughfare terminating at such street, where indicated by red curb paint or signs.

C.    In any area where the traffic engineer determines that stopping or parking of a vehicle would endanger life or property, when such area is indicated by signs or red curb paint.

D.    In any area established by resolution of the City Council as a no parking area, when such area is indicated by appropriate signs or red paint on the curb.

E.    Upon any railroad track or right-of-way.

F.    In any area where parking or stopping of any vehicle would constitute a traffic hazard or endanger life or property.

G.    Obstructing or blocking any crosswalk.

H.    Within any bridge approach bounded by a guardrail or other protective barrier.

I.    In a construction zone area when appropriate signs have been erected by the authority of the traffic engineer.

J.    Within 40 feet of the approach to any traffic signal, stop sign or official traffic control device, when indicated by appropriate signs or by red paint upon the curb, except that a bus may stop at a designated bus stop.

K.    On any street or highway where the use of such street or highway or a portion thereof is necessary for the cleaning, repair, or construction of the street or highway or the installation of underground or overhead utilities; or where the use of the street or highway or any portion thereof is authorized for a purpose other than the flow of traffic; or where the use of the street or highway or any portion thereof is necessary for the movement of equipment, structures or articles of unusual size and the parking of vehicles would interfere with such movement or use; provided, that signs are posted or erected at least 24 hours prior to the effective time of such no parking. (Ord. 1005 § 2, 2003. Code 1964 § 12.68.010.)


For statutory provisions on stopping, standing and parking, see California Vehicle Code § 22500 et seq.