Chapter 12.08


12.08.010    Franchise and easements.

12.08.020    Continuing conditions of use.

12.08.010 Franchise and easements.

The City may grant franchises or easements for the use of City streets and ways by bona fide public utilities and cable television companies. (Ord. 854 § 1, 1990. Code 1964 § 16-14.)

12.08.020 Continuing conditions of use.

Any utility, corporation or person using the City streets and ways by way of franchise or easement shall be subject to continuing conditions:

A.    To maintain all equipment and materials within and appurtenant to the streets and ways in a safe and usual condition acceptable to the industry;

B.    To repair and refurbish all such equipment promptly after notice by the City engineer of damage, disfigurement or hazard;

C.    To remove or relocate all such equipment or material without cost to City or to reimburse City for its reasonable costs of repair, refurbish and/or removal should the City be forced to do same after the franchisee or user fails to promptly respond. This would apply to any currently used or abandoned facilities which when by reasons of any change of grade, alignment or width of any streets, water, sewer, drainage, electric or other City-owned facilities, including the construction of surface or subsurface facilities. (Ord. 854 § 1, 1990. Code 1964 § 16-15.)