Chapter 13.08


13.08.010    Electric service rate schedule.

13.08.020    Standards for electrical meter installation.

13.08.010 Electric service rate schedule.

The City Council shall fix the rates to be charged for electric service by the City, by resolution, and in so doing shall distinguish the different classes of service made available and fix rates appropriate to each class of service. Rates shall be fixed and revised from time to time with the objective that the City electrical distribution system shall be operated on a sound economic basis as a revenue-producing enterprise. (Ord. 763 § 1, 1984; Ord. 676 § 2, 1980. Code 1964 § 15-18.)

13.08.020 Standards for electrical meter installation.

The following standards shall apply to the location and installation of electrical meters:

A.    The installation of electrical meters shall be done in all cases pursuant to permit issued by the City under this section and all other applicable ordinances, and upon notice to the electrical superintendent.

B.    Electrical meters shall be located on the outside of the structures which are served, on the front or side near the front of the building, except that in commercial and industrial buildings meters may for good cause shown, with concurrence of the electrical superintendent, be located on the rear of the building.

C.    In no case shall electrical meters be located on porches, carports, patios or other areas of a structure which are susceptible to being enclosed at a later time.

D.    Where additions to structures or enclosures are proposed for existing structures, and such additions or enclosures would result in enclosure of the existing electrical meter, the meter shall be relocated so it will be outside of such addition or enclosure.

E.    No electrical meter shall be located inside of a fenced area.

F.    No electrical meter shall be located in an area where access is difficult nor shall such meters be located over or around any dangerous area or machinery.

G.    Electrical meters shall be located in all cases in such manner as to avoid exposure to water dripping from eaves and rainspouts, from exposure to steam or any type of corrosive vapor.

H.    Electrical meters shall be installed so as to leave standing space in front of the meter, not less than three feet, to allow for installation, testing and reading. Meters shall be installed not less than 54 inches and not more than 75 inches from the grade of the ground, unless otherwise unfeasible, impossible, or unless otherwise would be contrary to the requirements of law.

I.    In the case of recessed meters, not less than six inches on each side of the centerline of the meter base shall be left clear to permit access for testing equipment.

J.    For good cause, the electrical superintendent may make reasonable exceptions to any of the above standards in any given case. (Ord. 763 § 1, 1984; Ord. 619 § 2, 1977; Ord. 579 § 3. Code 1964 § 15‑18.1.)