3-1.01    Purposes

3-1.02    Definition

3-1.03    Disaster Council Membership

3-1.04    Disaster Council Powers and Duties

3-1.05    Director and Assistant Director of Emergency Services

3-1.06    Powers and Duties of the Director and Assistant Director of Emergency Services

3-1.07    Emergency Organization

3-1.08    Emergency Plan

3-1.09    Expenditures

3-1.10    Punishment of Violations


3-2.01    Adoption of Uniform Fire Code

3-2.02    Deletion: Sec. 1.215


3-3.01    Establishing Fire Zones


Article 1. Definitions

3-4.101    Definitions of Words and Phrases

3-4.102    Vehicle Code Definitions to be Used

3-4.103    Curb

3-4.104    Divisional Island

3-4.105    Holidays

3-4.106    Loading Zone

3-4.107    Official Time Standard

3-4.108    Parkway

3-4.109    Passenger Loading Zone

Article 2. (For later use)

Article 3. Enforcement and Obedience to Traffic Regulations

3-4.301    Duty and Authority of Officers

3-4.302    Direction of Traffic by Persons Other than Officers

3-4.303    Obedience to Police and Other Authorized Persons

3-4.304    Obedience to Traffic Regulations

3-4.305    Interference with Police and Other Authorized Persons

3-4.306    Exemption of Certain Vehicles

3-4.307    Report of Damage to Property

3-4.308    Removal of Vehicles from Streets

3-4.309    Authority to Clear Streets

3-4.310    Obedience to Traffic Regulations by Public Employees

Article 4. Traffic Control Devices

3-4.401    Authority to Install Traffic Control Devices

3-4.402    Traffic Control Signs Required for Enforcement Purposes

3-4.403    Obedience to Traffic Control Devices

3-4.404    Lane Marking

3-4.405    Distinctive Roadway Markings

3-4.406    Traffic Control Devices: Hours of Operation

3-4.407    Unauthorized Painting of Curbs

Article 5. Turning Movements

3-4.501    Intersection Turning Markers; Multiple Lanes

3-4.502    Restricted Turn Signs

3-4.503    No-turn Signs

3-4.504    Signal Controlled Intersections: Right Turns

Article 6. One-Way Streets and Alleys

3-4.601    Designation: Signs

Article 7. Special Stops Required

3-4.701    Erection of Stop Signs

3-4.702    Emerging from Alleys, Driveways and Buildings

Article 8. Miscellaneous Rules

3-4.801    Driving Through Funeral Processions

3-4.802    Clinging to Moving Vehicle

3-4.803    Commercial Vehicles Using Private Driveway

3-4.804    Driving or Riding on Sidewalks

3-4.805    Vehicles Containing Flammable Liquids or Explosives

3-4.806    New Pavement and Markings

3-4.807    Limited Access Roadways

3-4.808    Signs and Barriers

3-4.809    No Entrance Into Intersection That Would Obstruct Traffic

3-4.810    Standing in Roadways

3-4.811    Roller Skates, Skate Boards, and Toy Vehicles

3-4.812    Obstruction to Visibility at Intersections Prohibited

3-4.813    Obstruction to Visibility at Intersections—Exceptions

3-4.814    Obstruction to Visibility at Intersections—Removal

3-4.815    Obstruction to Visibility at Intersections—Scope

3-4.816    Excessive Vehicle Acceleration

Article 9. Pedestrian Crosswalks

3-4.901    Marked Crosswalks

3-4.902    Mid-Block Crosswalks

3-4.903    Use of Crosswalks May Be Restricted

3-4.904    Use of Crosswalks

Article 10. Stopping, Standing and Parking for Certain Purposes or in Certain Places

3-4.1001    Application of Regulations

3-4.1002    Stopping or Standing in Parkways Prohibited

3-4.1003    No Stopping Zones and No Parking Areas

3-4.1004    Stopping and Parking Prohibited: Signs

3-4.1005    Use of Streets for Storage of Vehicles Prohibited

3-4.1006    Parking for Demonstration or Display Purposes

3-4.1007    Repairing and Greasing Vehicles on Streets

3-4.1008    Washing or Polishing Vehicles on Streets

3-4.1009    Parking Adjacent to Schools

3-4.1010    Parking on Narrow Streets

3-4.1011    Parking on Grades

3-4.1012    Mobile Food Vendors

3-4.1013    Emergency Parking Signs

3-4.1014    Warning Signs for Disabled Commercial Vehicles

3-4.1015    Leaving Keys in Parked Vehicles

3-4.1016    Consent of Adjacent Owner for Parking Certain Vehicle

3-4.1017    Parking Permits for Special Occasions

3-4.1018    Parking Trailers, Motor Homes and Boats within City Limits

3-4.1019    Parking Commercial Vehicles within City Limits

Article 11. Stopping, Standing or Parking Restricted or Prohibited on Certain Streets

3-4.1101    Time Limit Parking

3-4.1102    Parallel Parking on One-Way Streets

3-4.1103    Parking on Unimproved Streets

3-4.1104    Diagonal Parking

3-4.1105    Parking Space Markings

3-4.1106    No Stopping Zones

Article 12. Stopping for Loading or Unloading

3-4.1201    Authority to Establish Loading Zones

3-4.1202    Curb Markings

3-4.1203    Effect of Permission to Load or Unload

3-4.1204    Standing in Commercial Loading Zones

3-4.1205    Standing in Passenger Loading Zones

3-4.1206    Standing in Alleys

3-4.1207    Bus Zones

Article 13. Restricted Use of Certain Streets

3-4.1301    Truck Routes

3-4.1302    Commercial Vehicles Prohibited from Using Certain Streets

Article 15. Trains

3-4.1501    Railway Gates

3-4.1502    Trains Not to Block Crossings

Article 16. Special Speed Zones

3-4.1601    Changed Speed Limits

3-4.1602    Speed Regulation by Traffic Signals

Article 17. Preferential Parking Program

3-4.1701    Definitions

3-4.1702    Establishment of Districts

3-4.1703    Issuance of Permits

3-4.1704    Posting Signs in Preferential Parking Districts

3-4.1705    Exemption from Parking Restrictions

3-4.1706    Vehicles Excepted from This Chapter

3-4.1707    Application for and Term of Permit

3-4.1708    Prohibited Activities

3-4.1709    Permit Revocation

3-4.1710    Guest Permits

3-4.1711    Dissolving a District

3-4.1712    Penalties


3-5.01    Manufacturing, Keeping and Storing

3-5.02    Protection of Railroad Car Loaded with Explosives