Chapter 13-43. Enforcement

Sec. 13-43.100 Permits, Certificates and Licenses.

All officials, departments and employees of the City of Hercules vested with the authority or duty to issue permits, certificates or licenses shall comply with the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance and shall issue no permit, certificate or license which conflicts with the provisions of this Title. Any permit, certificate or license issued in conflict with the provisions of this Title shall be void. [Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 43.100.]

Sec. 13-43.200 Enforcement Responsibility.

The Community Development Director shall be the official responsible for the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance. In the discharge of this duty the Community Development Director or his agents shall have the right to enter on any site or to enter any structure for the purpose of investigation and inspection; provided, that the right of entry shall be exercised only at reasonable hours, and that in no case shall any structure be entered in the absence of the owner or tenant without written permission, or a written order of a court of competent jurisdiction. The Community Development Director may serve notice requiring the removal of any structure or use in violation of this Title on the owner or his authorized agent, on a tenant, or on an architect, builder, contractor or other person who commits or participates in any violation. The Community Development Director may call upon the City Attorney to institute necessary legal proceedings to enforce the provisions of this Chapter and the City Attorney is hereby authorized to institute appropriate actions to that end. The Community Development Director may call upon the Chief of Police and his authorized agents and the Building Official and his authorized agents to assist in the enforcement of this Title. [Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 43.200.]

Sec. 13-43.300 Abatement of Violations Constituting a Public Nuisance.

Any structure erected, moved, altered, enlarged or maintained and any use of a site contrary to the provisions of this Zoning Ordinance shall be and is hereby declared to be unlawful and a public nuisance to be abated as provided in Chapter 4-10 of the Municipal Code. [Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 43.300.]