Chapter 13-7. P-M-H Mobile Home Park District

Sec. 13-7.100 Specific Purposes.

In addition to the general purposes listed in Section 13-5.100, the specific purposes of the mobile home park district are to:

1. Reserve appropriately located areas for mobile home parks.

2. Provide for reasonable densities consistent with sound standards of public health and safety.

3. Assure adequate light, air, privacy and open space for each mobile home coach.

4. Provide for adequate open space, landscaped areas, and community recreation.

5. Establish standards for mobile home park traffic circulation and parking facilities. [Ord. 544 § 3, 2023; Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 7.100.]

Sec. 13-7.200 Review of Plans and General Conditions.

Plans for all new and expanded development and uses shall be submitted to the Community Development Director as per Section 13-40.300. The following general conditions shall apply to all areas designated for mobile home park use within this Chapter.

1. All new and expanded residential development shall apply for an administrative or conditional use permit. Administrative use permit review of new mobile homes, additions and remodels shall be limited to conformance with development regulations specified or referenced within this Chapter.

2. All new and expanded development except for additions and remodels shall also be subject to Chapter 13-42, Design Review.

3. Mobile home parks shall require a planned development plan as per Chapter 13-48. [Ord. 544 § 3, 2023; Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 7.200.]

Sec. 13-7.300 Performance Standards.

The standard performance standards for development specified in Chapter 13-31 shall be met. In addition, the following specific performance standards shall be met:

1. Residential streets shall be designed in relation to the needed capacity and the adjoining housing patterns while discouraging through traffic on local streets.

2. New residential areas shall be designed to avoid conflict with major streets or thoroughfares, and should provide access to transit facilities to encourage safe and convenient alternatives to the private auto.

3. Mobile home parks shall be developed with a balance of open space, landscaping, and recreational amenities and should be easily accessible to commercial and recreational areas and public transportation.

4. Each mobile home shall be equipped with skirting, or provided with a support pad which is recessed to give the appearance of the mobile home being located on grade.

5. A common recreation area which should include a recreation building shall be provided within the park for the use of all residents and their guests. A total of 200 square feet of common recreation area shall be provided for each mobile home space.

6. Landscaping and Screening.

A. The exterior boundaries of the mobile home park shall appear similar to planned residential developments and shall be compatible in design with any neighboring residential areas, and shall be screened by a decorative wall or fence with a minimum 5-foot-wide landscaped area provided along the interior of the wall or fence.

B. A 10-foot landscaped area between any adjoining public street or property and the screening wall or fence shall be provided.

C. One tree shall be provided for each mobile home coach in addition to landscaping in common recreation areas or landscaped buffers.

D. All areas not used for access, parking, circulation, structures, and services shall be completely and permanently landscaped and the entire site shall be maintained in good condition.

7. No sign, outdoor advertising structure, or display of any character shall be permitted except as prescribed in the provisions regulating signs. [Ord. 544 § 3, 2023; Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 7.300.]

Sec. 13-7.400 Land Use Regulations.

All new and expanded development and uses that are allowed in the mobile home park district are identified in Table 13-7.1. The following uses may be allowed subject to compliance with Chapter 13-49 and approval by the Community Development Director. Use permits, administrative or conditional, are required for all new and expanded mobile home park development.

Single story detached accessory structures under 100 square feet and 10 feet tall are exempt from use permit requirements in the mobile home park district. Minor utilities such as public street lighting and traffic signals, electrical distribution lines, telephone lines, cable lines, and underground water, sewer and drainage mains and pipes that are necessary to support legally established uses are exempt from use permit requirements.

Table 13-7.1 Land Use Regulations: P-M-H Mobile Home Park District



See Also


Residential Uses




Mobile Home Park



Mobile/Manufactured Home



Family Daycare Home (14 or fewer children)



Caretaker and Employee Units




Accessory Uses and Structures




Key to Land Use Regulations



Administrative Use Permit Required



Conditional Use Permit Required



Permitted Use




Use Not Allowed



Facility or use is directly related to the primary use of site.

[Ord. 544 § 3, 2023; Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 7.400.]

Sec. 13-7.500 Property Development Regulations.

The development regulations presented in Table 13-7.2 establish basic site and design requirements for residential zoning districts. All regulation standards are minimum amounts unless otherwise stated.

Table 13-7.2 Property Development Regulations: P-M-H Mobile Home Park District




See Also


Site Area (ac)




Density (Units/Acre)




Lot Size (sq ft)




Lot Frontage (ft)




Lot Depth (ft)









Front (ft)





Rear (ft)





Side (ft)





Corner Side (ft)




Distance Between Units



Maximum Site Coverage




Landscaping Minimum




Building Height

30 feet





Chapter 13-32


Common recreational area/Usable open space

200 sq ft per unit



Key to Land Use Regulations


Minimum setbacks unless lesser setbacks are approved as part of a planned development plan.


As per an approved planned development plan.

[Ord. 544 § 3, 2023; Ord. 515 § 2, 2018; ZO § 7.500.]