Chapter 2.38


2.38.010    Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission Created.

2.38.020    Composition; Appointment of Members; Terms of Members; Vacancies.

2.38.030    Internal Organization of Commission.

2.38.040    Duties and Responsibilities of the Commission.

2.38.010 Emergency preparedness advisory commission created.

An Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission is hereby created and established. It shall be known as the “Hermosa Beach Emergency Preparedness Advisory Commission.”

2.38.020 Composition; Appointment of members; Terms of members; Vacancies.

The Emergency Preparedness Commission shall be composed of seven residents of the City appointed by the City Council for a term of four years. Members shall not be employees of the City. Members serve at the pleasure of the City Council and may be removed at any time and without cause by a majority vote of the Council. Upon expiration of a term, members shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed and qualified.

If a vacancy shall occur other than by expiration of a term, the vacancy shall be advertised as required by state law and the Council shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term.

In the event that a member is absent from more than two regularly scheduled meetings of the Commission within a calendar quarter, or from more than four regularly scheduled meetings within a calendar year, the City Clerk shall report the member’s attendance record to the City Council. The City Council shall consider whether to remove the member, giving consideration to the reasons for the absences and the member’s continued willingness to serve. (Ord. 07-1283, §1, June 2007)

2.38.030 Internal organization of commission.

The members of the Commission shall annually elect by majority vote one of its members to serve as chair and another of its members as vice-chair. The chair and vice-chair shall serve until a successor is elected. There is no limit on the number of consecutive terms a member may serve as chair or vice-chair. The chair, and in the absence of the chair, the vice-chair, shall preside over and be responsible for the orderly conduct of the meetings of the Commission.

The Commission shall establish a regular meeting schedule that provides for not less than one regular meeting per month. The Commission shall adopt such rules and procedures as it deems necessary to govern the conduct of its meetings. A majority of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business. The meetings of the Commission shall in all respects be governed by the Brown Act, Government Code Section 54950 et seq.

The City Manager shall assign a City employee to staff the Commission, which performance of which function shall include preparation and posting of agendas, preparing staff reports, maintaining the records of the Commission and taking minutes of Commission meetings.

2.38.040 Duties and responsibilities of the commission.

The duties and responsibilities of the Commission shall be as follows, in addition to such others as the City Council may from time to time prescribe:

A. Provide advice and make recommendations to the City Council relative to preparedness of the City government and the City’s populace to respond swiftly and responsibly to emergencies in order to save life and minimize loss of property.

B. Prepare for City Council approval an up-to-date emergency preparedness plan.

C. Keep abreast of federal and state laws, regulations and policies pertaining to emergency response.

D. Assist the City Council in promoting and communicating emergency preparedness to the community.

E. Assist in coordinating neighborhood volunteers for emergency response.

F. Assist in the preparation of grant applications for the purpose of enhancing, diversifying and expanding sources of emergency preparedness revenues.