Chapter 15.48


15.48.010    Definitions.

15.48.020    Establishment of hours of operation of construction activities.

15.48.010 Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter, unless otherwise apparent from the context, certain words and phrases are defined as follows:

“Construction activities” means any constructing, modification, repair, renovation, alteration of any component of a new or existing structure or parcel including delivery of materials or equipment, site improvements such as, but not limited to, grading, flatwork, roads, walls, drains, utilities, or parking lots, that do or do not require a permit from the city of Highland. (Ord. 420 § 5, 2017)

15.48.020 Establishment of hours of operation of construction activities.

A. Construction activities shall not commence prior to 7:00 a.m. and construction activity shall terminate no later than 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday with no construction activities performed during city or federal observed holidays.

B. Exceptions.

1. Emergency construction activity performed by or on behalf of the city of Highland.

2. Emergency construction activity performed on behalf of a property owner when the act of waiting would cause or increase an unsafe condition.

3. Construction activities with prior approval by the building official.

4. Construction activities not regulated by the city of Highland. (Ord. 420 § 5, 2017)