Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Purchasing officer – Duties and responsibilities.

2.40.020    Disposition of junk or scrap materials.

2.40.030    Council resolution required when.

2.40.040    Holding period of unclaimed property.

2.40.050    Sale at public auction – Notification.

2.40.060    Inventory reporting requirements.

2.40.070    Authority of city to keep property of value.

2.40.010 Purchasing officer – Duties and responsibilities.

The purchasing officer shall have the additional duty of taking charge of, and disposing of, personal property which is surplus or obsolete to the needs of the city, or which is unclaimed personal property of another found within the jurisdiction of the city. The purchasing officer has the duty to recover value for the city, wherever possible, in the disposition of surplus, obsolete or unclaimed personal property. (Ord. 393, 1987).

2.40.020 Disposition of junk or scrap materials.

Personal property of the city which is broken or worn beyond economic repair, or of the kind of property commonly referred to as “junk,” shall not be within the meaning of this chapter, and may be disposed of by dumping in an approved manner; excepting however, such material which has value as scrap shall be sold for the account of the city by the purchasing officer in a manner to recover the greatest economic value. (Ord. 393, 1987).

2.40.030 Council resolution required when.

No personal property of the city other than junk or scrap shall be disposed of by the purchasing officer except upon resolution of the city council declaring it to be obsolete or surplus to the needs of the city. The purchasing officer may, with the concurrence of the responsible department head, determine that personal property of the city is junk or scrap. (Ord. 393, 1987).

2.40.040 Holding period of unclaimed property.

Unclaimed property found within the jurisdiction of the city by any public employee shall be turned over to the police department. Unclaimed property shall be held for a period of not less than three months, or such longer period as may be required by law. (Ord. 393, 1987).

2.40.050 Sale at public auction – Notification.

Surplus, obsolete and unclaimed personal property may be sold at public auction to the highest bidder by the purchasing officer. The purchasing officer shall give not less than five days’ notice of such sale by publication once in a newspaper of general circulation in the city. Property unsold may be dumped, destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the purchasing officer. (Ord. 393, 1987).

2.40.060 Inventory reporting requirements.

Upon disposition of surplus, obsolete, junk or scrap personal property of the city, the purchasing officer shall promptly report such disposition to the property control officer for inventory purposes. (Ord. 393, 1987).

2.40.070 Authority of city to keep property of value.

In event unclaimed personal property held the minimum required period has value for use by the city, the purchasing officer may retain such unclaimed property for the city and shall promptly notify the property control officer who shall add it to the city inventory of personal property. (Ord. 393, 1987).