Chapter 5.20


5.20.010    Compliance required.

5.20.020    Dead man control valve required.

5.20.030    Signs – Pump island requirements.

5.20.040    Fire extinguishers.

5.20.050    Water lines required.

5.20.060    Telephone required.

5.20.070    Manual shut-off switch required.

5.20.080    Building location.

5.20.090    Control room – Requirements.

5.20.100    Control room – Elevation.

5.20.110    Safety precautions.

5.20.120    Attendants required.

5.20.130    Open flame prohibited.

5.20.140    Combustible material storage.

5.20.150    Coin-operated gasoline dispenser prohibited.

5.20.160    Cleaning mops or rags prohibited.

5.20.170    Waste disposal.

5.20.180    Artificial attendant locomotion restrictions.

5.20.190    Regulations cumulative.

5.20.200    Violation – Penalty.

5.20.010 Compliance required.

Every self-service automobile service station constructed and/or operated within the city limits shall be constructed and operated in compliance with the terms of this chapter and all of the regulations contained in this chapter and the following regulations shall apply to all self-service automobile filling stations. (Ord. 205 § 1, 1950).

5.20.020 Dead man control valve required.

Every nozzle on a gas line shall be equipped with a “dead man” control valve and with a vacuum operated overflow check valve. (Ord. 205 § 2, 1950).

5.20.030 Signs – Pump island requirements.

“No smoking” and “stop your motor” signs, red letters on white background, shall be placed at each pump island and so located that they can be seen and read from both sides of the island. No pump island shall exceed 20 feet in length. All pumps shall be located on pump islands, and not to exceed four pumps shall be located on one island. (Ord. 205 § 3, 1950).

5.20.040 Fire extinguishers.

One carbon dioxide fire extinguisher of at least four-pound size shall be placed at each island; one carbon dioxide fire extinguisher of at least 10-pound size shall be located as required by the fire department. The extinguishers shall be so located at all times and kept in serviceable condition. (Ord. 205 § 4, 1950).

5.20.050 Water lines required.

One or more water lines of at least one inch in size, properly equipped with hose and nozzle, shall be provided at such location as may be approved by the chief of the fire department. Such hose lines and nozzles shall be used for first aid fire equipment only, and shall be connected and ready for use at all times. (Ord. 205 § 5, 1950).

5.20.060 Telephone required.

Telephone facilities shall be provided on premises. (Ord. 205 § 6, 1950).

5.20.070 Manual shut-off switch required.

Each pump shall be equipped with manually operated shut-off switch or lever. (Ord. 205 § 7, 1950).

5.20.080 Building location.

No buildings shall be located within 25 feet of any gasoline pump unless such building is of noncombustible material. (Ord. 205 § 8, 1950).

5.20.090 Control room – Requirements.

In all stations with more than four pumps, there shall be a control room for the use of the supervising employee which shall not be less than 25 feet from the nearest pump; provided, however, that if the control room is constructed of incombustible materials it may be placed closer than 25 feet; and provided further, that any door to the control room shall be not less than 25 feet from the nearest gasoline pump and shall open away from the direction of the pump. (Ord. 205 § 9, 1950).

5.20.100 Control room – Elevation.

The control room shall be elevated sufficiently so that operator therein will have a clear and unobstructed view of all islands on the premises. A public address system with a speaker at each pump island shall be provided and ready for use at all times at stations with more than two islands. (Ord. 205 § 10, 1950).

5.20.110 Safety precautions.

All attendants shall be thoroughly instructed in the use of fire extinguishers and water in case of fire, and in prohibiting and preventing patrons from smoking around the pumps. Service shall be refused and pump shut off when persons do not follow instructions. (Ord. 205 § 11, 1950).

5.20.120 Attendants required.

There shall be not less than one attendant on duty for each two pump islands or fraction thereof open to the public. (Ord. 205 § 12, 1950).

5.20.130 Open flame prohibited.

No open flame shall be located or permitted within 25 feet of any gasoline pump. (Ord. 205 § 14, 1950).

5.20.140 Combustible material storage.

No combustible material shall be stored or on display within 25 feet of any such pump unless contained within enclosed, fireproof containers; provided, however, that lubricating oil may be kept in racks on the islands in individual quart containers in quantities not to exceed 16 quarts. (Ord. 205 § 15, 1950).

5.20.150 Coin-operated gasoline dispenser prohibited.

No coin-operated gasoline dispensing machine shall be located or permitted on the premises. (Ord. 205 § 16, 1950).

5.20.160 Cleaning mops or rags prohibited.

No mops or rags used for cleaning purposes shall be permitted or placed in any building on the premises. (Ord. 205 § 17, 1950).

5.20.170 Waste disposal.

All waste material and rubbish shall be placed and kept in an all metal or metal-lined container, such container to be equipped with self-closing top. All such waste material and rubbish shall be kept in such container until it is disposed of or removed from the premises. (Ord. 205 § 18, 1950).

5.20.180 Artificial attendant locomotion restrictions.

The use by attendants of skates or other artificial or mechanical means of locomotion is prohibited, except that roller skates may be used if rollers are made of fiber which will not spark by contact with cement. (Ord. 205 § 19, 1950).

5.20.190 Regulations cumulative.

This chapter and all of the regulations herein contained shall be cumulative and in addition to all applicable requirements and provisions of any other ordinance of the city. (Ord. 205 § 20, 1950).

5.20.200 Violation – Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor which shall be punished as provided in Chapter 1.12 HMC. (Ord. 327 § 3, 1973; Ord. 205 § 21, 1950).