Chapter 7.08


7.08.010    Vaccination – Required.

7.08.020    Vaccination – Frequency.

7.08.030    Vaccination – Age restrictions.

7.08.040    Quarantine – Annual period.

7.08.050    Quarantine – Defined.

7.08.060    Quarantine – Required.

7.08.070    Quarantine – Disposal.

7.08.080    Enforcement.

7.08.090    Resisting officer unlawful.

For statutory provisions regarding state rabies control, see Health and Safety Code § 1900 et seq.

7.08.010 Vaccination – Required.

It is unlawful for any person to own or have in his possession any dog over the age of four months in the incorporated limits of the city, or permit such dog to be on his premises in the city, or to allow any such dog to be in any public place, unless the dog has been vaccinated with canine rabies vaccine and has been licensed as provided in Chapter 7.04 HMC. (Ord. 267 § 1(a), 1961).

7.08.020 Vaccination – Frequency.

Every such dog shall be vaccinated by a veterinarian, duly qualified and licensed in the state of California, with canine rabies vaccine at least once each 12 months, or more often upon written notice from the county veterinarian. The veterinarian vaccinating such dog shall issue a certificate of vaccination to the person owning the dog so vaccinated. (Ord. 267 § 1(b), 1961).

7.08.030 Vaccination – Age restrictions.

All dogs under the age of four months shall be confined to the premises of, or kept under physical restraint by, the owner. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prevent the sale or transportation of a dog four months old or younger. (Ord. 267 § 1(c), 1961).

7.08.040 Quarantine – Annual period.

The period between January 16th to and including March 1st of each year is declared an annual quarantine period affecting all dogs and cats within the incorporated limits of the city. (Ord. 267 § 5, 1961).

7.08.050 Quarantine – Defined.

“Quarantine” means the strict confinement and restraint of any animal in such a way as to make it impossible for the animal to bite any other animal or person. (Ord. 267 § 5, 1961).

7.08.060 Quarantine – Required.

Whenever any animal shows symptoms of rabies, or acts in a manner which would lead to a reasonable suspicion that it may have rabies, or has been exposed to animals that may have rabies, or has bitten any person, such animal shall be confined, picked up, or placed under quarantine under the direction of either the county health officer or county veterinarian. (Ord. 267 § 5, 1961).

7.08.070 Quarantine – Disposal.

If it appears to the county health officer or the county veterinarian, upon examination, that any animal has rabies, he shall cause the same to be confined in a suitable place or be destroyed forthwith. (Ord. 267 § 5, 1961).

7.08.080 Enforcement.

The city, having entered into an agreement with the county to provide certain facilities for the control of dogs, empowers the animal control officer of the county to act in the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 7.04 HMC. It is also the duty of all police officers of the city to enforce the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 7.04 HMC. (Ord. 267 § 6, 1961).

7.08.090 Resisting officer unlawful.

It is unlawful for any person to interfere with, oppose, or resist any officer while he is engaged in the performance of the duties prescribed by the provisions of this chapter and Chapter 7.04 HMC. (Ord. 267 § 7, 1961).