Chapter 7.16


7.16.010    Pound maintenance – Poundmaster designated – Duties.

7.16.020    Redemption of impounded animals.

7.16.010 Pound maintenance – Poundmaster designated – Duties.

The city shall maintain or contract for the maintenance of a city pound. The chief of police shall be ex officio poundmaster and shall be responsible for operation of the city pound. The poundmaster is authorized to take up and impound all animals found running at large within the city or otherwise unlawfully present in the city. The poundmaster shall maintain adequate records and descriptions of all animals impounded. (Ord. 329 § 4, 1973; Ord. 267 § 12, 1961).

7.16.020 Redemption of impounded animals.

All impounded animals shall be redeemed or destroyed in the same manner as provided in HMC 7.04.080 through 7.04.130 for the redemption or disposal of dogs. (Ord. 329 § 4, 1973; Ord. 267 § 12, 1961).