Title 9


Division I. Offenses by or Against Public Officers and Government

Division II. Offenses Against the Person

9.12    Sex Offenders

Division III. Offenses Against Public Health and Safety

9.20    Fireworks

9.24    Boxing Matches

9.28    Wheeled Conveyances in Public Places

Division IV. Offenses Against Public Decency

9.32    Gambling

9.36    Liquor in Public Recreation Areas

Division V. Offenses Against Public Peace

Division VI. Offenses Against Property

9.48    Trespass

9.49    Defacing Public and Private Property

9.52    Abandoned and Inoperative Vehicles

Division VII. Consumer Protection

Division VIII. Offenses by or Against Minors

9.64    Curfew

9.65    Sale and/or Possession of Aerosol Cans Containing Paint or Other Liquid Substances Capable of Defacing Property

Division IX. Weapons

9.72    Discharge and Carrying of Weapons

Division X. Alcohol

9.80    Consumption of Intoxicating Beverages

9.85    Social Host Ordinance Concerning Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by Minors

Division XI. Civil Emergencies

9.90    Civil Emergencies

Division XII. Graffiti

9.100    Graffiti Abatement