Chapter 10.01


10.01.010    Short title.

10.01.020    Definitions.

10.01.030    Traffic within city parks.

10.01.040    Traffic within the city.

10.01.050    Violation – Penalties.

10.01.010 Short title.

This chapter shall be known and shall be cited as the ordinance regulating animal and vehicular traffic. (Ord. 319 § 1, 1972).

10.01.020 Definitions.

A. “Animals” include horses, mules, donkeys and any other animal capable of being ridden by persons, and cattle, sheep and other animals of similar size or larger.

B. “City” is the city of Holtville.

C. “Vehicle” is any wheeled conveyance, whether motor powered, animal drawn, or self-propelled. The term shall include any trailer in tow of any size, kind or description. Exception is made for vehicles in the service of the city park. (Ord. 319 § 2, 1972).

10.01.030 Traffic within city parks.

A. No person shall drive any vehicle in a park on any area except the paved park roads or parking areas, or such other areas as may on an occasion be specifically designated as temporary parking areas by the city.

B. No person in a park shall ride any animals or allow any animals to be on any area within any city park or playground. (Ord. 319 § 3, 1972).

10.01.040 Traffic within the city.

A. No person shall ride or drive any vehicle within the city on any sidewalk, parkway or private property belonging to or occupied by another, unless he has written permission to do so from the owner of the property, or person lawfully in possession of the property.

B. No person shall ride any animal, or allow any animal to roam, on any area within the city.

Exception: Horses and other animals suitable for riding may be ridden or led on any paved road, but not on any alley, parkway or sidewalk, or private property, within the city. (Ord. 319 § 4, 1972).

10.01.050 Violation – Penalties.

Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter is guilty of an infraction and upon conviction thereof shall be punished as provided by Government Code Section 36900. (Ord. 397, 1988; Ord. 319 § 6, 1972).