Chapter 13.04


13.04.010    Water services – Meters – Permit fee.

13.04.020    Charges – Disposition of proceeds.

For statutory provisions regarding the power of cities to prescribe, revise and collect charges for the services, facilities or water furnished by it, see Government Code § 54344.

13.04.010 Water services – Meters – Permit fee.

All water furnished and delivered by the city shall pass through meters and connections as provided by the city, and as required by resolution of the council. All persons desiring service from the water system of the city shall, in addition to all other charges and fees, pay a permit fee as set forth by resolution of the council for each connection to the water system. (Ord. 332 § 1, 1973).

13.04.020 Charges – Disposition of proceeds.

All money collected from charges for water connections, extensions, penalties and other activities, and sales of inventories, shall be deposited in the water fund. (Ord. 332 § 2, 1973).