Chapter 14.04


14.04.010    Adopted by reference.

14.04.020    Fees.

14.04.030    Amendment and revision.

For statutory provisions regarding the authority of cities to regulate the building, construction and removal of buildings within the city, see Government Code § 38601; for other provisions concerning the authority of cities in regulating buildings and construction, see Government Code § 38660; for the provisions of the State Housing Act, see Health and Safety Code § 17910 et seq.; for provisions authorizing cities to regulate the materials used in wiring structures for electricity and in piping them for electric supply, the manner of such piping, the construction and location of drains, sewers, and of systems for piping water or gas, see Government Code § 38660.

14.04.010 Adopted by reference.

The Uniform Building Code, 1985 Edition, including the appendix and the standards referred to in paragraph 6001 of that code; the Uniform Plumbing Code, 1985 Edition, including the appendices; the Uniform Housing Code, 1985 Edition; the Uniform Mechanical Code, 1985 Edition, including the appendix thereof and the standards therein; the Uniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings, 1985 Edition; and the Uniform Sign Code, 1985 Edition; all as adopted by the International Conference of Building Officials; and the National Electrical Code, 1984 Edition, including all appendices and tables as compiled and published by the National Fire Protection Association, are each and all incorporated by reference and adopted as part of the building regulations of the city; provided, however, that those modifications to these codes adopted by the county as part of Title 7 of the Codified Ordinances of the county of Imperial are incorporated by reference and adopted by the city. (Ord. 386 § 1, 1986; Ord. 365 § 1, 1980; Ord. 361 § 2, 1979).

14.04.020 Fees.

A. The fees charged by the city for building permits shall be as provided in Section 304 of the 1979 Edition of the Uniform Building Code, except that the fees listed under Other Inspections and Fees in Table 3-A, page 37, of the Uniform Building Code shall be deemed amended as follows:

1. Inspections outside of normal business hours: Chargeable at the rate of $25.00 per hour:

a. Within one hour before or after normal working hours: Minimum charge is one hour;

b. Other inspections outside normal working hours: Minimum charge is two hours;

2. Reinspection fees assessed under provisions of Section 305(g): $15.00 each occurrence;

3. Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated: Minimum charge is one hour at the rate of $15.00 per hour;

4. Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to approved plans: Minimum charge is one hour at a rate of $15.00 per hour;

5. Inspection fees for full-time on-site inspection services: Minimum charge is one hour at a rate of $25.00 per hour.

B. Other Fees. In addition to the foregoing, fees may also be charged for:

1. A mobile home installation, not on a permanent foundation: Inspection fee is $40.00;

2. Reinspection of a mobile home not on a permanent foundation: Fee is $20.00;

3. An inspection of dwellings pursuant to federal and state regulations: Fee is $45.00. (Ord. 377 § 1, 1982).

14.04.030 Amendment and revision.

Amendment or revision of HMC 14.04.010 or 14.04.020 may be accomplished by an authorized resolution of the city council. (Ord. 386 § 2, 1986; Ord. 377 § 2, 1982).