Chapter 16.06


16.06.010    General procedures.

16.06.010 General procedures.

A. The council may adopt by resolution, from time to time, supplementary standards with respect to public improvements in subdivisions, including but not confined to the standards of design and workmanship of such improvements, and specifications as to materials used therein.

B. Such supplementary standards may be adopted by reference, without posting or publishing them, if they have been printed in book or pamphlet form and three copies thereof have been filed for use and examination by the public in the office of the clerk prior to the adoption thereof.

C. Where adopted by reference, the clerk shall furnish any interested person a request with a copy of such standards. The council may impose a reasonable charge for such copies, based on cost of printing the same.

D. Said supplementary standards may be amended or repealed by the council at any time by resolution.

E. Prior to adoption, amendment or repeal of any such supplementary standards, the council shall refer the proposal in writing to the commission for an advisory report thereon. The matter shall be considered by the commission at its next public meeting, but no public notice shall be required with respect thereto. If the commission fails to file its report with the council within 30 days after the proposal has been filed with its secretary, the council may proceed with the matter without such report. If the proposal for adoption, amendment or repeal of such standards is initiated by the commission, no further report on such proposal shall be required from the commission unless the council proposes to make substantial changes therein.

F. Whenever any provision of this code, or any other applicable ordinance, or of any law of the state requires a more strict standard than set forth in such supplementary standards, the same shall be deemed to prevail over such supplementary standards.

G. The supplementary improvement standards in effect at the time of approval of a tentative subdivision map or any extensions thereto shall be applied to such map, the final map based thereon, and the improvement of such subdivision; provided, however, that the subdivider may elect to have the improvements governed by the supplementary improvement standards in effect at the time of making of the improvements in the subdivision must conform to such standards.

H. Neither the provisions of this section nor the adoption of any such supplementary standards shall be deemed to limit any discretion which may be vested by this code in the commission, the council, the city engineer, or any other person charged with the application, construction or enforcement of this code. (Ord. 346, 1975).