Chapter 16.07


16.07.010    Improvements to be at cost of subdivider.

16.07.020    Supplemental improvements – Required.

16.07.030    Supplemental improvements – Drainage, sewerage, bridges and major thoroughfares.

16.07.010 Improvements to be at cost of subdivider.

All costs of planning, engineering, surveying, construction, and inspection (including the reasonable cost of city inspection) of subdivisions and improvements on or connected therewith shall be at the expense of the subdivider, subject to the other provisions of this chapter. (Ord. 346, 1975).

16.07.020 Supplemental improvements – Required.

The subdivider may be required to install improvements for the benefit of the subdivision which may contain supplemental size, capacity or number for the benefit of property not within the subdivision as a condition precedent to the approval of a subdivision or parcel map, and thereafter to dedicate such improvements to the public. However, the subdivider shall be reimbursed for that portion of the cost of such improvements equal to the difference between the amount it would have cost the subdivider to install such improvements to serve the subdivision only and the actual cost of such improvements pursuant to the provisions of the Subdivision Map Act. (Ord. 346, 1975).

16.07.030 Supplemental improvements – Drainage, sewerage, bridges and major thoroughfares.

If the city has adopted a local drainage or sanitary sewer plan or map as required for the imposition of fees therefor, or has established an area of benefit for the bridges or major thoroughfares as provided in Chapter 4, Article 5 of the Map Act, the city may impose a reasonable charge on property within the area benefited and may provide for the collection of said charge as set forth in this code. The city may enter into reimbursement agreements with a subdivider who constructs said facilities, bridges or thoroughfares and the charges collected by the city therefor may be utilized to reimburse the subdivider as set forth herein. (Ord. 346, 1975).