Chapter 16.16


16.16.010    Designated – Purposes.

16.16.020    Official benchmark or datum plane monument.

16.16.010 Designated – Purposes.

A plane 1,000 feet below sea level is the datum plane or base line of the city for the purpose of establishing and designating the official grades of the streets, alleys, avenues and sewers, and for any other public work within the city and for measuring all elevations or surface point therein. (Ord. 62 § 1, 1913).

16.16.020 Official benchmark or datum plane monument.

The official benchmark or datum plane monument within the city shall be the top of that certain brass plug placed in the top of a pipe in the center of a concrete monument 18 inches square situated at the northwest corner of Holt Avenue and Fifth Street in the city, and on top of which concrete monument the words “City B.M.” are imprinted in the concrete, and the elevation of the benchmark or datum monument is 985.70 feet above the city datum plane. (Ord. 62 § 2, 1913).