Chapter 17.08


17.08.010    Designated.

17.08.020    Map – Adoption and filing.

17.08.030    Map – Changes.

17.08.010 Designated.

In order to classify, regulate, restrict and separate the use of land, buildings, and structures and to regulate and limit the type, height, and bulk of buildings and structures in the various zones, and to regulate the areas of yards and other open areas abutting and between buildings and structures, and to regulate the density of population, the city is divided into the following zones:

OS open space zone (Chapter 17.16 HMC).

A-1 agricultural zone (Chapter 17.18 HMC).

RR-1 low density rural residential zone (Chapter 17.20 HMC).

RR-2 medium density rural residential zone (Chapter 17.22 HMC).

R-1 single-family zone (Chapter 17.24 HMC).

R-2 two-family zone (Chapter 17.26 HMC).

R-3 multifamily zone (Chapter 17.28 HMC).

R-4 mobile home park zone (Chapter 17.30 HMC).

RC residential commercial mixed use zone (Chapter 17.32 HMC).

C-1 neighborhood commercial zone (Chapter 17.34 HMC).

C-2 general commercial zone (Chapter 17.36 HMC).

I-1 light industrial zone (Chapter 17.38 HMC).

I-2 heavy industrial zone (Chapter 17.40 HMC).

FP floodplain zone (Chapter 17.42 HMC).

(Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.08.020 Map – Adoption and filing.

The designated zones and boundaries of said zones are established, adopted and delineated, and designated on the official “zoning map” of the city, which, together with all notations, references, boundaries and other information thereon, is attached to the ordinance codified in this title and made part of and adopted.

The original of the official zoning map shall be kept on file with the city clerk and constitutes the original record. (Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.08.030 Map – Changes.

Changes in the boundaries of the zones shall be made by ordinance and shall be reflected on the official zoning map. (Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).