Chapter 17.24


17.24.010    Intent.

17.24.020    Permitted uses.

17.24.030    Conditional uses.

17.24.040    Minimum property development standards.

17.24.050    Mobile home construction and design standards.

17.24.010 Intent.

The R-1 single-family residential zone is intended to provide for the development of low density single-family homes on small lots and the protection of these homes from incompatible uses. (Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.24.020 Permitted uses.

Permitted uses allowed in the R-1 zone are set forth in Table 17.24-1. (Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.24.030 Conditional uses.

Conditional uses allowed in the R-1 zone, subject to the regulations of a conditional use permit, are set forth in Table 17.24-1.

Table 17.24-1

R-1 Single-Family Zone
– Permitted and Conditional Uses 


Permitted Use1

Conditional Use2

Accessory buildings and structures including auto-mobile garages and carports


Animals in accordance with Chapter 7.12 HMC and usual household pets


Home occupations as provided in Chapter 17.46 HMC


Private greenhouses and horticultural collections, flower and vegetable gardens


Single-family detached residential dwellings including mobile homes


Residential care homes serving up to six clients, includes foster family homes and small family homes for nonmedical assisted group care


Churches, convents, monasteries, and other religious institutions


Day nurseries and nursery schools


Educational institutions


Flag poles, radio towers, masts or aerials in excess of 35 feet above the ground


Public libraries and museums


Public parks and recreational facilities


Public utility and public service facilities


1    Similar uses shall be permitted subject to a recommendation by the planning commission and adoption by the city council.

2    These uses shall be permitted subject to a conditional use permit.

(Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.24.040 Minimum property development standards.

The property development standards set forth in Table 17.24-2 shall apply to all land and buildings in the R-1 zone, except that any lot shown on an official subdivision map duly approved and recorded, or any lot for which a bona fide deed has been duly recorded prior to November 15, 1977, may be used as a building site as provided in HMC 17.10.060.

Table 17.24-2

R-1 Single-Family Zone
– Minimum Property Development Standards

Development Standards

R-1 Single-Family Zone

Minimum lot area

6,000 square feet

Maximum density

1 dwelling unit/6,000 square feet of lot area

Maximum lot coverage

50 percent

Maximum building height

35 feet or two stories, whichever is less

Minimum distance between buildings

10 feet

Minimum lot width

50 feet

Minimum lot depth

100 feet

Minimum front yard requirements

20 feet

Minimum side yard requirements

5 feet for interior side and 10 feet for side adjacent to street; 5 feet for side adjacent to alley

Minimum rear yard requirements

20 feet

(Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 456 § 1, 2007; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.24.050 Mobile home construction and design standards.

A. A mobile home shall be placed on a permanent foundation system constructed in accordance with the Uniform Building Code adopted by the city.

B. A mobile home shall be constructed in accordance with the National Mobile Home Association Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974, or successive regulations, and shall not have been altered without approval of the State Department of Housing and Community Development.

C. Mobile home dimensions shall not be less than 20 feet in length and 20 feet in width.

D. Exterior siding shall be of wood, stucco, masonry, or other approved materials with the same qualities and appearances as approved by the city planning commission, whose decision shall be final, and the siding shall extend to the ground level or to a solid masonry wall which extends to ground level.

E. Roof eaves shall extend at least 16 inches from the side of the mobile home.

F. The above construction and design standards are in addition to the requirements outlined in the Uniform Building Codes for the construction of single-family dwellings. (Ord. 472 § 3, 2010; Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).