Chapter 17.46


17.46.010    Compliance to standards required.

17.46.020    Residence required.

17.46.030    Location within dwelling required.

17.46.040    Structural alterations prohibited.

17.46.050    Sale of services or items restricted.

17.46.060    Motor, mechanical equipment restricted.

17.46.070    Noise, odors, electrical interference.

17.46.080    Pedestrian, vehicular traffic.

17.46.090    Commercial vehicle delivery.

17.46.100    Display of products.

17.46.110    Storage.

17.46.010 Compliance to standards required.

Home occupations permitted by the provisions of this chapter shall comply with the regulations set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.020 Residence required.

No one other than (a) resident(s) of the dwelling unit shall be employed in the conduct of a home occupation. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.030 Location within dwelling required.

A home occupation shall be conducted in a dwelling and shall be clearly incidental and secondary to its use for dwelling purposes. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.040 Structural alterations prohibited.

There shall be no external alteration of the dwelling in which a home occupation is conducted, and the existence of a home occupation shall not be apparent beyond the boundaries of the site, except for a name plate no larger than two feet square. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.050 Sale of services or items restricted.

There shall be no sales of products or services not produced on the premises or used in the home occupation. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.060 Motor, mechanical equipment restricted.

No motor or mechanical equipment shall be permitted other than normally incidental to the use of the structure as a dwelling. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.070 Noise, odors, electrical interference.

A home occupation shall not create any radio or television interference or create noise audible beyond the boundaries of the site. Also, no equipment shall be used that makes dust, odor, smoke, vibration or other adverse conditions that are detrimental to adjoining dwellings. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.080 Pedestrian, vehicular traffic.

The use shall not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic beyond that normal to the zone in which it is located. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.090 Commercial vehicle delivery.

The home occupation shall not involve the use of commercial vehicles for delivery of materials to or from the premises. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.100 Display of products.

There shall be no display of products produced by the home occupation visible in any manner from outside of the dwelling unit. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).

17.46.110 Storage.

There shall be no storage of materials or supplies out of doors. (Ord. 441 § 1, 2000).