Chapter 2.12


2.12.010    Established.

2.12.020    Eligibility.

2.12.030    Term.

2.12.040    Removal.

2.12.050    Vacancy and filling vacancies.

2.12.060    Meeting – Generally.

2.12.070    Meeting procedure.

2.12.080    Voting requirement.

2.12.090    Organization.

2.12.100    Compensation.

2.12.110    Powers and duties.

2.12.010 Established.

The city planning commission is established. Except as otherwise provided in HMC 2.12.050, the commission shall consist of five members who shall be appointed by the mayor, with the approval of three affirmative votes of the city council. (Ord. 18-01 § 1, 2018; Ord. 81-2 § 1, 1981; Ord. 73-1 § 1, 1973)

2.12.020 Eligibility.

To be eligible for appointment or to hold office as a member of the planning commission, a person shall be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the city. (Ord. 20-04 § 1, 2020; Ord. 73-1 § 2, 1073)

2.12.030 Term.

Except as provided in this chapter, the members of the planning commission shall serve for a term of two years and until their respective successors are appointed and qualified. The members first appointed to the commission shall so classify themselves by lot that the terms of three of them shall expire on January 1, 1974, and that the terms of the remaining four members shall expire on January 1, 1975. (Ord. 73-1 § 3, 1973)

2.12.040 Removal.

Members of the planning commission are subject to removal by the mayor, with the approval of three affirmative votes of the city council. (Ord. 18-01 § 2, 2018; Ord. 05-21 § 1, 2005; Ord. 73-1 § 4, 1973)

2.12.050 Vacancy and filling vacancies.

Any vacancies in the commission shall, subject to the notice requirements of Government Code Section 54974, be filled by the mayor, subject to the approval of three affirmative votes of the city council; provided, however, that the council may, by the affirmative vote of a majority of the council, decline to fill any vacancy arising after May 14, 1981; provided only, that the number of positions on the commission which are not vacant is not less than five. In deciding which vacancies not to fill, if any, the council shall give consideration to the date of expiration of the term of that position so that the number of new terms commencing on each January 1st which are to be filled shall remain as equal as possible. Upon a vacancy occurring, leaving an unexpired portion of a term, any appointment to fill the vacancy shall be for the unexpired portion of the term. If a member of the commission absents himself from two regular meetings of the commission within a period of 12 calendar months, unless by prior permission of the commission expressed in its official minutes or misses three consecutive meetings without prior approval of the city council, his or her office may be declared vacant by the city council. If a commissioner is convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or ceases to be a qualified elector of the city, his or her office shall become vacant and shall be so declared by the city council. (Ord. 18-01 § 3, 2018; Ord. 05-21 § 2, 2005; Ord. 81-2 § 2, 1981; Ord. 73-1 § 5, 1973)

2.12.060 Meeting – Generally.

The planning commission shall hold at least one regular meeting in each month. The times and places of regular meetings shall be as established by resolution of the planning commission. (Ord. 73-1 § 6, 1973)

2.12.070 Meeting procedure.

All planning commission meetings shall be governed as follows:

A. All regular and special meetings of the commission shall be noticed and agendized in accordance with California Government Code Sections 54950 and following, as it now exists or may be amended.

B. A quorum consists of at least three commissioners.

C. An affirmative vote of at least three commissioners shall be necessary for any actions.

D. Each commissioner, including the chair, shall have one vote, and each commissioner, including the chair, may initiate or second motions.

E. All actions of the commission shall be by minute action, and roll call vote. (Ord. 18-01 § 4, 2018; Ord. 73-1 § 7, 1973)

2.12.080 Voting requirement.

The affirmative or negative vote of a majority of the entire membership of the commission is necessary for it to take action. (Ord. 73-1 § 8, 1973)

2.12.090 Organization.

Immediately following their appointment and thereafter as soon as practicable following the first day of January of each year, the planning commission shall meet, organize, and elect one of its members to serve as the presiding officer, to be known as chairperson, to serve at the pleasure of the commission. It shall also elect a vice-chairperson from its membership. The secretary of the commission shall be the planning director or his or her designee. In addition, the commission shall immediately adopt, and later may change or alter, rules and regulations of organization and procedure consistent with the city ordinances and state laws. The commission shall keep written records of its proceedings which shall be open at all times to public inspection. (Ord. 18-01 § 5, 2018; Ord. 73-1 § 9, 1973)

2.12.100 Compensation.

The members of the planning commission may receive compensation for their attendance at meetings of the commission as may from time to time be fixed by the city council by resolution, together with reimbursement for necessary traveling and other expenses incurred by the performance of their official duties. (Ord. 74-7 § 1, 1974; Ord. 73-1 § 10, 1973)

2.12.110 Powers and duties.

The planning commission shall have the power and duty to:

A. Perform all of the functions assigned to a city planning commission by the Conservation and Planning Act and other statutes of the state relating to planning and zoning;

B. Prepare and recommend to the city council, after a public hearing thereon, the adoption, amendment, or repeal of a general plan or any part thereof for the physical development of the city, the plan to include a land-use element, a circulation element, a housing element, a conservation element, an open-space element, a seismic safety element, a noise element, a scenic highway element, a safety element, and a recreation element, and such other plan or plans as it or the city council may deem appropriate;

C. Advise with and recommend to the proper officials of the city the approval or disapproval or modification of all maps or plats of land subdivision in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act of the state or as may be provided by city ordinance;

D. Hold hearings on planning and zoning matters as prescribed in the State Conservation and Planning Act or by city ordinance;

E. Advise with and recommend to the proper officials of the city regarding the acquisition, use, or disposition of all city-owned property;

F. Perform such other duties relating to planning and zoning as the council may require by ordinance or resolution. (Ord. 73-1 § 11, 1973)