Chapter 2.28


2.28.010  Establishment.

2.28.020  Applicability of provisions.

2.28.030  Eligibility.

2.28.040  Classification plan.

2.28.010 Establishment.

The city manager shall formulate and recommend to the city council for its approval and for adoption rules and regulations and amendments thereto pertaining to the operation of a merit system personnel management program. Such rules and regulations shall provide for and govern the selection, employment, classification, advancement, suspension, discharge, and retirement of appointive officers and employees of the city, and all matters pertaining to the status of employees and conditions of their employment. Such rules and regulations and amendments thereto may be adopted by the city council from time to time by resolution. (Ord. 78-13 § 2, 1978)

2.28.020 Applicability of provisions.

The provisions of the merit system established by this chapter and rules and regulations adopted pursuant to this chapter apply to all positions and employment in the municipal service except:

A. Elective officers;

B. City attorney;

C. City engineer;

D. Members of appointee boards, commissions, and committees;

E. Persons engaged under contract to supply expert professional technical service. (Ord. 78-13 § 3, 1978)

2.28.030 Eligibility.

Minimum or maximum age limits for any municipal employment examination shall not be established, and age shall not be a minimum qualification for any city employment as a police officer. Any person possessing all the minimum qualifications for the position is eligible to take any municipal service examination, regardless of age, and the city council, the city administrator, and any other appointing power shall not adopt any rule prohibiting the employment of any person, otherwise qualified, in the city employment solely because of age; provided, however, that the city council may fix minimum or maximum age limits for the employment of police officers. This section does not require or authorize the city to employ any person in a particular city employment if he has attained the retirement age for that particular employment prescribed by the city’s employees’ retirement system, and a person shall not be employed in city employment while he is receiving a retirement allowance under the city’s employees’ retirement system by reason of prior service with the city. (Ord. 78-13 § 4, 1978)

2.28.040 Classification plan.

All positions of the municipal service shall be classified within a position system which is maintained and operated by the city manager. (Ord. 78-13 § 5, 1978)