Chapter 10.04


10.04.010  Generally.

10.04.020  Adopted.

10.04.030  Central traffic district.

10.04.040  Council.

10.04.050  Curb.

10.04.060  Holidays.

10.04.070  Loading zone.

10.04.075  Manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight.

10.04.080  Official time standard.

10.04.090  Parkway.

10.04.100  Passenger loading zone.

10.04.110  Pedestrian.

10.04.120  Police officer.

10.04.130  Stop.

10.04.140  Vehicle Code.

10.04.010 Generally.

The words and phrases specified in this chapter when used in this title shall for the purpose of this title have the meanings respectively ascribed to them in this chapter. (Ord. 74-6 § 1, 1974)

10.04.020 Adopted.

Whenever any word or phrase used in this title is not defined but is defined in the Vehicle Code of the state and amendments thereto, such definition shall apply. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.1, 1974)

10.04.030 Central traffic district.

“Central traffic district” means Hughson Avenue. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.2, 1974)

10.04.040 Council.

“Council” means the council of the city. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.3, 1974)

10.04.050 Curb.

“Curb” means the lateral boundary of the roadway whether such curbs are marked by curbing construction or not so marked, the word curb as herein used shall not include the line dividing the roadway of a street from parking strips in the center of a street nor from tracks or rights-of-way of public utility companies. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.4, 1974)

10.04.060 Holidays.

For the purposes of this title, “holidays” means those days defined as holidays in Government Code Sections 6700 and 6701. (Ord. 82-10 § 1, 1982; Ord. 74-6 § 1.5, 1974)

10.04.070 Loading zone.

“Loading zone” means the space adjacent to a curb reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles during the loading or unloading of passengers or materials. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.6, 1974)

10.04.075 Manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight.

“Manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight” means the weight in pounds of the chassis of a truck or truck tractor with lubricants, radiator full of water, full fuel tank or tanks plus the weights of the cab or driver’s compartment, body, special chassis and body equipment and pay load as authorized by the chassis manufacturer.

In the event a vehicle is equipped with an identification plate or marker bearing the manufacturer’s name and manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight, the weight stated thereon shall be prima facie evidence of the manufacturer’s gross vehicle weight. (Ord. 87-06 § 2, 1987)

10.04.080 Official time standard.

Whenever certain hours are named in this title, they mean standard time or daylight saving time as may be in current use in this city. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.7, 1974)

10.04.090 Parkway.

“Parkway” means that portion of a street other than a roadway or sidewalk. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.8, 1974)

10.04.100 Passenger loading zone.

“Passenger loading zone” means the space adjacent to a curb reserved for the exclusive use of vehicles during the loading or unloading of passengers. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.9, 1974)

10.04.110 Pedestrian.

“Pedestrian” means any person afoot. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.10, 1974)

10.04.120 Police officer.

“Police officer” means every officer of the police department of this city or any officer authorized to direct or regulate traffic or make arrests for violations of traffic regulations. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.11, 1974)

10.04.130 Stop.

“Stop,” when required, means complete cessation of movement. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.12, 1974)

10.04.140 Vehicle Code.

“Vehicle Code” means the Vehicle Code of the state. (Ord. 74-6 § 1.13, 1974)