Chapter 10.20


10.20.010  Traffic-control device placement.

10.20.020  Restriction signposting.

10.20.030  Right turn at intersection.

10.20.010 Traffic-control device placement.

The city traffic engineer is authorized to place official traffic-control devices within or adjacent to intersections and indicating the course to be travelled by vehicles turning at such intersections, and the city traffic engineer is authorized to locate and indicate more than one lane of traffic from which drivers of vehicles may make right or left hand turns, and the course to be travelled as so indicated may conform to or be other than as prescribed by law or ordinance. (Ord. 74-6 § 5, 1974)

10.20.020 Restriction signposting.

The city traffic engineer is authorized to determine those intersections at which drivers of vehicles shall not make a right turn, left turn, or U-turn, and shall place proper signs at such intersections. The making of such turns may be prohibited between certain hours of any day and permitted at other hours, in which event, the same shall be plainly indicated on the signs or they may be removed when such turns are permitted. (Ord. 74-6 § 5.1, 1974)

10.20.030 Right turn at intersection.

A. No driver of a vehicle shall make a right turn against a red or stop signal at any intersection which is signposted giving notice of such restriction as provided in subsection B of this section.

B. The city traffic engineer shall post appropriate signs giving effect to this section where he determines that the making of a right turn against traffic signal stop indication would seriously interfere with the safe and orderly flow of traffic. (Ord. 74-6 § 5.2, 1974)