Chapter 15.18


15.18.010    Authority – Purpose – Applicability.

15.18.020    Definitions.

15.18.030    Requirements for expedited permitting.

15.18.010 Authority – Purpose – Applicability.

A. Authority. This chapter is adopted under the authority of Government Code Section 65850.7.

B. Purpose. The purpose of this chapter is to adopt an expedited, streamlined permitting process for electric vehicle charging stations.

C. Applicability. This chapter applies to the permitting of all electric vehicle charging stations. (Ord. 17-09 § 1, 2017)

15.18.020 Definitions.

The following words and phrases as used in this chapter are defined as follows:

A. “Electronic submittal” means the utilization of one or more of the following:

1. E-mail;

2. The internet;

3. Facsimile.

B. “Electric vehicle charging station” or “charging station” means any level of electric vehicle supply equipment station that is designed and built in compliance with Article 625 of the California Electrical Code, as it reads on the effective date of this section, and delivers electricity from a source outside an electric vehicle into a plug-in electric vehicle.

C. “Specific, adverse impact” means a significant, quantifiable, direct, and unavoidable impact, based on objective, identified, and written public health or safety standards, policies, or conditions as they existed on the date the application was deemed complete. (Ord. 17-09 § 1, 2017)

15.18.030 Requirements for expedited permitting.

A. Application. An applicant for an electric vehicle charging station shall submit a building permit application on the form provided by the city, accompanied by each item of information listed in the city’s electric vehicle charging station checklist. Both the application form and the checklist shall be available online. The applicant may submit the permit application and associated documentation to the city’s building division by personal or electronic submittal together with any required permit processing and inspection fees. In the case of electronic submittal, the electronic signature of the applicant on all forms, applications and other documentation may be used in lieu of a wet signature.

B. Permit Issuance. An application that satisfies the information requirements in the checklist, as determined by the building official, shall be deemed complete. Upon receipt of an incomplete application, the building official shall issue a written correction notice detailing all deficiencies in the application and any additional information required to be eligible for expedited permit issuance. Upon confirmation by the building official of the application and supporting documentation being complete and meeting the requirements of the checklist, the building official shall administratively approve the application and issue all required permits or authorizations within one to three business days of receipt of application.

Such approval does not authorize an applicant to install the electric vehicle charging station.

C. Inspection. When a building permit is issued for an electric vehicle charging station, the city will require only one inspection (which may be a consolidated inspection by the building official). If an electric vehicle charging station fails inspection, the city may perform one or more subsequent inspections. (Ord. 17-09 § 1, 2017)